In Las Vegas, the sky's the limit – literally. If you’re terrified of heights, there’s no better place to conquer your fear than in the city where anything is possible. Seeing Las Vegas from somewhere up high is a great way to tackle your acrophobia while taking in sweeping views of neon lights and towering desert mountains.

Whether you want to freefall or stand up high with a cocktail in hand, here are six ways to live the high life by conquering your fear of heights in Las Vegas.

Take a Helicopter Tour
Get a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas by taking a helicopter tour of the city. You can see the Strip at night and get some enviable photos. If you prefer nature to urban sprawl, you can opt for a tour of Red Rock Canyon and see the vermillion cliffs that lie on the western edge of the city. Have a whole day to spare? Take a helicopter to the Grand Canyon.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
There’s something truly whimsical about climbing into a basket that suspends you high above the desert below. Hot air balloon rides will give you a chance to see the sunrise over Las Vegas, allowing you to see the Strip, Downtown and Red Rock Canyon. Best of all, you can end your journey with a champagne toast.

Go on a Ziplining Adventure
There’s no shortage of ziplines in Las Vegas. Take a spin on the Voodoo Zipline at the Rio Hotel and Casino just off the Strip, speed down the Fly LINQ Zipline and then grab dinner at one of the restaurants on the promenade below, or if you’re Downtown, ride the famous Slotzilla zipline, which will take you beneath the Fremont Experience canopy of lights.

Drink at a Sky-High Rooftop Lounge
Rooftop lounges and Las Vegas are a match made in champagne-soaked heaven. Find your favorite drinking perch and conquer your fear of heights with a little liquid courage. Options include the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay (arguably the best view of the Strip you’ll find), the Skyfall Lounge at the Delano, 107 SkyLounge at the Stratosphere and Apex Social Club at the Palms.

Jump Off the Tallest Building in Town
The Stratosphere is the tallest building in Las Vegas. So why not jump off of it? The SkyJump allows you to jump from 829 feet above the Las Vegas Strip at a screaming 40 miles per hour. Not only is this the ultimate accomplishment for any Las Vegas visitor looking to conquer a fear of heights, it’s a Guinness World Record-certified feat. SkyJump isn’t just a terrifying bungee jumping experience, it’s actually the highest commercial decelerator in the world – but you probably won’t be thinking about that as you get ready to freefall.

Go Skydiving Indoors
Did all of the above sound too terrifying for you? Start with baby steps by opting for an indoor skydiving adventure with Vegas Indoor Skydiving that takes super high heights out of the equation. Indoor skydiving allows you to experience the freefall part of skydiving, plus wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, without having to look down at the desert floor way, way below.