Criss Angel’s return to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino comes with a reinvented Mindfreak production that is truly something you have to see. From highlight reels to new illusions, Angel’s charm and high-tech sets here are six reasons to see Mindfreak.

Pre-Show Highlights
Before the show even starts, Criss Angel has his hooks in you. In the revamped Criss Angel Theater are photos, videos and memorabilia of the illusionist. A pre-show highlight reel of illusions, escapes and guest star appearances tell the tale of his rise to fame, and they make you want to see the show even more.

Fan Favorites
As if to further draw you in and tell Angel’s story, he incorporates the ultimate versions of his fan-favorite illusions using the best high-tech set pieces. Get ready to see the lady in half, the summoned motorcycle, and the levitation all mixed with newly developed or completely redeveloped acts.

New Illusions
With the reinvention of the show comes brand new illusions. Angel packs quite a punch with some pretty high-end technology and visual storytelling coupled with his tricks. Audiences can watch Angel fend off sword-wielding assassins and take on Angel’s goth rock persona with a set of acts themed around sharp implements and coupled with a music video featuring Korn front man Jonathan Davis and Angel’s face-painted alter ego.

Audience Participation
Believe it or not, Angel involves his audience into his reimagined show. During a “nightclub booth” vignette, Angel invites four audience members on stage and asks them to focus on things you’d find at the club. The second part of this moves on to the contents of guests’ purses and their phobias. There is also an act with a table, coins and a few audience members.

He Goes Big and Small
From massive set pieces to smaller props, Angel’s Mindfreak incorporates illusions of all kinds. He manages to break up the intense with smaller-scale (but still incredible) illusions. It’s fascinating to watch.

Angel’s Charm
Whether he’s wowing you with his high-tech, goth-inspired tricks or placing you at a table with coins, Angel is charming. He can fool you with anything in front of him, big or small. He truly loves what he does. That’s evident in his reimagined show.