Summer has arrived, and that means it’s time for the hottest new lineup of tribute artists to join Legends in Concert, the longest-running show in Las Vegas. The new influx of powerhouse talent is bound to amaze audiences – especially Nellie Norris, with her colorful tribute to Cyndi Lauper. Her career spans mega-hits, Broadway, television appearances and incredible live performances that continue to keep her fans wanting more. Best of Vegas caught up with the irrepressible Norris about performing in Vegas.

What do you love about performing as Cyndi Lauper?
Nellie Norris:
I have loved Cyndi since I was young. I just think she is lovely and a free spirit. Cyndi can create smiles just by being herself, and what an incredible talent. Even today, girls want to try to be like her, and I think that’s great.

What about your background?
I come from a musical family. My mother was the church organist, and my father played guitar and sang. When I was about 3 years old, my parents took my sister and I to perform in nursing homes. I have been an entertainer all of my life, and have lived everywhere to perform. I am especially happy that I am still performing today.

What inspired you to become a tribute artist as Cyndi Lauper?
When I was 15, I dressed up like Cyndi, and I even have the photo to prove it. While I was emulating her, I wasn’t singing like her, just doing lip synch contests. Throughout the years, I would pay tribute to her at parties and events.

Officially, on Jan. 1, I debuted in Legends in Concert as Cyndi Lauper in Australia. For about five years before that appearance, I was performing as Katy Perry in the show. I love them both, since they are fun and happy, which suits me very well.

Where is home for you?
: I have lived in Vegas for about 14 years. I was born in upstate New York, and grew up in Houston and St. Louis. I attended college in Oklahoma, and then traveled around the country with a gig in Branson, Missouri.

How do you feel performing as Cyndi Lauper, since she is alive and still very active in her career?
: I am absolutely thrilled. I do it with the utmost honor and respect for her. I am beyond ecstatic. In fact, Cyndi is touring this summer with Rod Stewart (who is also in the show this summer), and they are singing duets. When you visit Vegas, you can come see me, and I will even sing a duet with our Rod Stewart tribute artist.

Even though her first hit was in the ‘80s, people are still buying tickets to her shows, and she is performing all over. Cyndi has not slowed down at all, and she is still wowing her fans.

Legends in Concert continues to celebrate the world’s most famous and influential musical icons adding glitter with showgirl glamour made famous in their new home at the Tropicana Las Vegas. The new lineup includes Norris, John Anthony who demonstrates how young Rod Stewart remains, Nair Cardoza’s breathtaking tribute to Adele, Tino Ilbach’s homage to Stevie Wonder, and Daniel Durston’s portrayal of The King, Elvis Presley.

Legends in Concert performs at Tropicana Las Vegas Monday through Saturday (dark Sundays) at 7:30 p.m. Catch the hottest concert with Cyndi Lauper and Rod Stewart, along with other megastars, with deals on tickets from Best of Vegas – save $26 now!