What’s an easy, sweet treat you can buy at any hour of the day, the perfectly indulgent way to supplement your Sin City adventures? A donut. This dessert (some would even classify it as a snack) caters to everyone. Whether you like cakes, yeast, old fashioned, crullers, twists or cream-filled donuts, Las Vegas has the perfect place for you. We have been on a donut mission to find the best spots in town, and below you will find a list of the top places we recommend visiting.

Pink Box Doughnuts (7531 W Lake Mead Blvd #110)
If you’re obsessed with emojis, fun designs, donut letters and cronuts, you might want to visit Pink Box. With three locations in the valley (Summerlin, Henderson and Las Vegas Boulevard), it’s easy to grab one of their signature snacks, and that’s before we even mention the fact that they are open 24 hours. Roberto Armanino, CEO and owner of Pink Box, came up with the idea after his dad was disappointed with oily and low-quality products. Armanino is always tweaking recipes to get the perfect donut, and even goes as far as changing the oil throughout the day to keep his creations fresh. “For me,” says Armanino, “the biggest thing is to never take a short cut on the final product.”  Try their unicorn and churro donuts, and make sure you check out their seasonal favorites. Take a look at their Instagram –@pinkboxdoughnuts – for donut goals.

Donut Bar (124 S 6th St #140)
Featured in many media channels and publications, Donut Bar is definitely a crowd pleaser. After getting the inside look into this very popular donut shop, we can confidently say you will not be disappointed. Jeff and Joe Thomas, Las Vegas Donut Bar owners, recommend getting here early due to their high demand and quick sell-out. Their high-quality ingredients and wide variety of donut options makes this place a local favorite. You can expect a line out the door and often wrapped around the building for their hot french toast donut that is served with butter, jelly and maple. Arrive hungry and with a sweet tooth, because these donuts are huge. You can see their viral video of their most popular Crème Brûlée donut on their Instagram, @donutbarlv.

Ronald’s Donuts (4600 Spring Mountain Rd)
Bring cash to Ronald’s, and brace yourselves for a traditional donut shop experience. Located on Spring Mountain, not too far from the strip, this is a very busy and very delicious donut hotspot, offering everything from chocolate classics to vegan donut holes. Not only are the donuts good, but they are priced at a $1 each, making them taste even better. If you have a big appetite, grab a dozen for $10 and you’ve got yourself a bargain. Eat your donuts in the shop to see more people streaming in and out than you can even imagine. Oh, and come early. These donuts go fast. 

Donut Mania (4460 S Durango Dr.)
The name alone makes you want to grab a donut. Their inexpensive prices and gourmet donuts are definitely a favorite among Las Vegas locals. Check out their online donut gallery and you will want to try them all. If you’re feeling really adventurous, order one of their donut ice cream sandwiches, with six ice cream flavors to choose from. Get their classics for $1.50 or a gourmet donut from $2.50-$3.00.

Glaze Doughnuts (6545 S. Fort Apacha Rd. Suite #130)
If you’re located in the Southwest, head on down to Glaze Doughnuts. If you’re a matcha lover, you will be in heaven. For just a $1.00 you can walk away with donut flavors like red velvet cake, maple glaze and even strawberry glaze with sprinkles. Is your mouth watering yet? It doesn’t stop there. If you’re into taking your time with your donut, order 12 donut holes for a $1.75 and you’ll leave happy. Expect it to be busy in the morning, but know that you will get what you came for: a gourmet take on a tasty treat.