Las Vegas thrill-seekers have plenty of ways to stimulate their adrenaline pump. From skydiving to helicopter rides to a high-speed chase attraction with real police vehicles, the possibilities are endless. Now, Apocalypse Vegas has added what may be the wildest adventure of them all: Escape from Area 51 – The Special Ops Experience.

The timing couldn't be better for this all-in attraction. With so much attention being focused on that secretive military base in the desert, conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts have been going wild over attempts to storm the area. Escape from Area 51 gives you the chance to do it in a safe, controlled environment with real members of the military.

Escape from Area 51 is anything but a hastily designed tie-in. It's the latest offering from Apocalypse Vegas, a top-rated attraction that's been in operation for more than four years. Housed in a massive warehouse facility near Palms Casino, it contains a full-scale mock-up of a town under siege by alien forces. In order to save the citizens – and the planet – you'll be trained in the use of military-style Airsoft firearms, learn how to collect intel, kick through doors, secure perimeters and retrieve an element that's the key to winning the battle.

What gives Apocalypse Vegas its extreme realism is the fact that your Operations Team Leaders (OTLs) are genuine veterans of Special Forces. Members of the Green Berets, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and Delta Force operations guide you through the assault, from mission briefing to the actual attack. The 90-minute experience is fully immersive, enhanced with Hollywood-style sound effects and explosive lighting, full-scale sets and a scenario that places you at the center of a big-budget action film. 

Event coordinator Susie Q. Munoz is proud that Apocalypse Vegas provides military veterans with a new way to use their talents and skill sets. “It's tough to integrate back into society when you've been where these guys have been,” says Munoz. “What are they going to do when they return – sit behind a desk? Apocalypse Vegas allows them to use their unique talents in a new environment that's safe, productive and most of all, fun.”

"Safe" and "fun" are perfect descriptors for Escape From Area 51, too. In addition to having a top-notch experience, you'll leave Apocalypse Vegas with an amazing collection of memories. Your entire adventure, from training to victory celebration, are captured in still photographs and video clips that you can share online and with friends. So when you return from Las Vegas, you'll have proof that you were able to save the planet. 

Apocalypse Vegas is located at 4375 S. Valley View Blvd, Suite G. and is open Thursday through Sunday. Packages, group experiences and hotel shuttle service in an authentic combat vehicle are available. Call 1-844-363-6327 or visit online at