Behind the beautiful blonde (not that behind,) there’s a warm and fun Valley girl sparkling with personality that America has fallen in love with on her popular television show on E!, “Ice Loves Coco.” Now she’s captivating audiences at Planet Hollywood with her work as Bo Peep in PEEPSHOW Starring Coco Austin that was recently extended through July 28th. In an exclusive interview with, Coco opens up about the surprises that happen behind the scenes of her show, meeting her adoring fans, and much more about her time on the Strip. Also, she answers a couple of questions from our Facebook fans.

BestofVegas:  What’s your favorite act in Peepshow?
Coco Austin:  Burlesque because it’s the time I come out of my shell as a character.

BOV:  What has been the biggest challenge of doing the show that you didn’t anticipate?
Coco: To overcome my fear of heights was my number one challenge, but after doing it every night it has helped me to ease my fears.

BOV:  Would you like to share any backstage moments at Peepshow you’ll never forget?
Coco:  I love it when Josh walks around backstage... to get everyone in the mood he walks down the hall singing in his underwear and cowboy boots before each performance.

BOV:  What’s the wildest Surprise that’s happen on Stage at Peepshow?
Coco:  You would think I would know after doing the same moves every night – there’s a moment after   the Burlesque number that the stage blacks out and all the dancers run off in the dark...One night, I ran into the LED wall and pretty much knocked myself out. I was bruised from my forehead all the way to my breast... and a line down my stomach down to my foot. I smacked straight into the wall... I shook it off and went right on with the night's performance but had the bruises to remember it for a little while.
BOV:  What’s your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?
Coco:  I love experiencing the shows and restaurants.

BOV:  What’s your favorite place to eat in Las Vegas?
Coco:  Recently the new SHe restaurant opened - I am addicted - it's a great steak house.

BOV:  Have you had time to explore around Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or other icturesque sites?
Coco:  Not really. I have visited this all in the past - I used to live in Henderson in my early 20's so I got it done then!

BOV:  What skill do you possess that we might not know about you?
Coco:  That I am a good boxer. It's one of my hobbies I enjoy participating in during the day… a good stress reliever.

BOV:  How do you balance a loving marriage and a successful career?
Coco:  How I balance everything in my life with Ice. Communication. The more we talk openly about everything, the happier I am and the more we continue to fall in love. Ice is my number one cheerleader.

BOV:  You have a strong relationship with your fans through social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). What is it like to meet some of them in person?
Coco:  It's the best feeling in the world. It is the reason we do the meet and greets after shows. I wish I had the chance to meet the entire audience but that would take all night. Before PEEPSHOW, I used to talk to my fans through Coco's World. I would get thousands of emails. I would personally answer each fan - No Assistants... It's how I know how they are feeling.
Next, Coco answers some questions from our fans on Facebook:
Bam Bambino Asks:  Who is the coolest entertainer you’ve ever met? And what about that person would surprise most people?
Coco:  A lot of our comedian friends - Chris Rock, Tommy Davidson, Anthony Anderson, Tracy Morgan. They are the coolest to hang out with... They are so down to earth and humble... people laugh with them on TV or at a show, but they are just real people, experiencing life... it's just nice to know them in a different way. And I hung out with Brooke Shields one night. Such a great lady. She mentioned I was an inspiration to her. I am in awe of her and that statement from her was so meaningful. That is a very special memory.

Robin Morris' Leahy Asks:   How did you meet your husband, Ice T?
Coco:  I met him on a movie set in California 12 years ago. I was introduced by his producer friend. He was having one of those grump days... his friend wanted to cheer him up with me. I said hi - walked away- I guess I caught his eye because he came after me to reintroduce himself - He asked me if I would ever consider dating a gangster rapper - I said if he was nice and he said "well baby if you take the N off NICE, you get ICE" -  he made me laugh - a bit of a charmer - the rest is history.

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Las Vegas, NV – 03/05/13