Looking for a family-friendly Las Vegas adventure? Look no further than Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. Here you’ll find action, thrills and old-school fun the entire family will enjoy.  Here are Best of Vegas’ top things to do:

Go Karts
Go karting is always a fun family adventure and at Mini Gran Prix, you’ll get to do it on the “Longest Go Kart Track in Nevada.” This go kart course offers plenty of turns, the right amount of straightaways and all of the thrills of racing a real car. It’s also a great way to kick off the bonding.

Sprint Kart Speedway
For a more up-close-and-personal go kart race, try the Sprint Kart Speedway. The specially-designed course will race you side-by-side with your kiddos and spouse in precision karts.

Super Fun Slide
The Super Fun Slide at Mini Gran Prix is just that - super fun! Families can glide down 90-feet of bumpy thrills all while sitting in a potato sack. If you love a good slide ride, this attraction is a must.

Dagon Roller coaster
And speaking of thrills, the Dragon Roller Coaster will have you screaming with delight. The fast moving coaster offers quick turns and soaring motion. It’s the perfect mix of thrill and fun.

Tornado Twister
You experience a tornado inside your house every day when the kids are home but now you can enjoy one that you won’t have to clean up after on Tornado Twister. Families can pack into this attraction and choose how fast they want to spin. It is the twistiest and twirliest fun you’ll ever have.

Arcade Games
What kid doesn’t love an arcade game? And what adult doesn’t love a throwback arcade game? At Mini Gran Prix, you can enjoy both. The arcade is full of retro favorites and some of the newest games available. Go ahead and play them all and see who can collect the most tickets.