Vegas may be known for living in the present but there is one thing in the city that wasn’t built within the last twenty years, it’s the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign and it’s just as fabulous as the day it went up.

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign turned 60 on May 5, and in celebration of its anniversary we’ve put together a list of fun facts you might not have known about the famous landmark:

The sign isn’t actually in the city of Las Vegas (it’s in an unincorporated area called Paradise), and it features seven silver dollars, (behind the letters that form “welcome”), a nod to potential casino earnings.

Speaking of the sign’s design, the body’s shape might look a bit familiar if you were staying in a hotel or motel in the 1950’s. It is shaped to look like a hotel key fob.

Nevada-born graphic designer Betty Willis designed the sign. She worked with pencil, paper and ruler.

Willis never trademarked her work. She said it was a gift to the city.

The sign, which is situated along Las Vegas Boulevard at the south end of the Strip, is among Southern Nevada’s most-visited sites with people lining up on a daily basis to snap a photo.

For 50 years the sign was actually pretty hard to get to with no parking spots or pedestrian walkway. Finally, in 2008, the city installed both.

The sign is free and open 24/7.  A web was even installed to broadcast a live feed of tourists.