He’s been named “Best All-Around Performer” by Las Vegas Review Journal “Best of” Readers Poll” and “Best Impressionist” by Las Vegas Weekly’s Vegas’ Best, not to mention he was the winner of “America’s Got Talent,” so it’s no big surprise that people can’t get enough of Terry Fator’s show Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment at The Mirage. And while he’s continually hailed as the #1 entertainer by critics, fans and even celebrities, let’s take a closer look at what other numbers go into making a successful Terry Fator show:

55 – The number of songs performed nightly during “Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment” show at the Terry Fator Theatre in The Mirage.

16 – The number of road access that are needed to ship puppets and accessories

4+ – Packs of double mint gum chewed by Fator’s band and crew each week

90 – The run time for “Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment”

13 – The amount of different things Fator is doing at any one time when performing onstage with his puppets.

14 – Hours it takes to load and perform each show

9 – How many puppets are used nightly

100+ – How many voices Fator has mastered so far

9 – Duplicate puppets that have been created as “back-up”

40 – Puppets used throughout Fator’s career

4,214 – How many hours it took to build the “A Very Terry Christmas” show in the Terry Fator Theatre

5 – Octaves Fator can sing

21 – People it takes to create a single puppet

4 – How many years Fator has performed at The Mirage

1,346 – On average the amount of stitches it takes to create a puppet

150+ – Life Saver mints eaten by band and crew each week

6 – The age Fator was when he started singing

8 – The age Fator did his first impression, which was Bill Cosby

2 – The amount of siblings Fator has

68 – How many moving lights are in the show

5 – 9,000 lumen HD projectors for the video

10 – The age Fator was when he taught himself ventriloquism by reading the book “Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit” by Paul Winchell

114 – Conventional fixtures with color scrollers

2 – 10,000 lumen HD projectors for image

11 – How old Fator was when he did his first performance

300+ – Lighting and video cues in his show

50 – Speakers used in the show including line array, monitors and subs

32 – How many years Fator was a ventriloquist before becoming the celebrity he is today

16 – Universe of dmx in lighting console

56 – Audio inputs from audio console

5 – Video servers

7 – In ear monitors used in each show for crew and band

7 – Crew members

7 – Band members

1 – Opening DJ that performs before each show

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Las Vegas, NV – 03/08/13