The Gazillionaire has planted some roots in Vegas. His show, Absinthe at Caesars Palace has been hailed The #1 Greatest Show in Las Vegas History by Las Vegas Weekly, and named Best Show by Vegas SEVEN, the Las Vegas Review Journal and more. And he recently planted even more roots, quite literally, with the Absinthe Electric Oak.

Located just outside his wondrous tent at Caesars Palace stands the recently planted 35-foot high Absinthe Electric Oak. The massive tree features 120,000 LED leaves of ever-changing color. It is now the centerpiece of the champagne garden that will unfold this spring.

“I’ve always been inspired by the story of George Washington and the cherry tree,” said The Gazillionaire during the tree-planting ceremony. “So I’m planting this tree as a reminder of all the little people I’ve chopped down to become the number one showbiz legend in Las Vegas history. This trippy tree is going to be able to change colors depending on what chemically-adjusted mood I’m in and what music I’m listening to. I might even invite Calvin Harris to come down one night and be my first ever Tree-J.”

The art installation was designed and engineered by Symmetry Labs in San Francisco and commissioned by Spiegelworld. The glowing tree will become an iconic destination for visitors from all over the world to gather together and celebrate.

Absinthe at Caesars Palace is an adults-only circus variety show featuring wild and outlandish acts performed by an eccentric cast. Acts include feats of strength, balance, danger and flexibility. The Gazillionaire serves as the outrageous host. He’s rich and filthy and adds a unique and raunchy element to the production.