It may come as a surprise to know that Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for Thanksgiving. What could possibly bring hundreds of thousands of people here to celebrate this American holiday? Maybe it’s the cool, comfortable, sunny weather. Maybe it’s all the amazing food options. Maybe it’s the stellar Black Friday deals. Whatever the reason, so many visitors choose to spend the long holiday weekend vacationing in Las Vegas. If you find yourself among them, here are five ways to celebrate and give thanks.

Flying Over the Las Vegas Strip
Experience Las Vegas and all its majesty as you fly over the breathtaking Las Vegas Strip at night when the glamorous neon lights twinkle and seduce the eye. Schedule a helicopter tour and enjoy a 20-mile loop of all of the best Las Vegas sights. It’s a stunning view to behold, and will inspire you to feel very grateful for all that this gorgeous city has to offer.

Observing the Grand Canyon
Mother Nature is incredibly generous. What better way to give thanks for life and blessings than within her arms? The incredible views of the geological landmark that is the Grand Canyon will leave a lasting impression. There are a variety of experiences available to help you enjoy this cherished national park that range from expert guided tours on the rim to a pontoon boat cruise along the river below. Whether you prefer serenity or adventure, you’ll likely be filled with gratitude when you spend a day or two at this awe-inspiring locale.

Touring the Hoover Dam
A man-made concrete arch dam that borders Nevada and Arizona, the mammoth-sized Hoover Dam is a United States treasure that belongs on your travel bucket list. Built during the Great Depression, the dam regulates flood control and its generators dispense power for the aforementioned states, as well as California. With a variety of tours and experiences available, not only does Hoover Dam serve as a breathtaking tourist attraction – it also provides its visitors a first-person look at American history.

Exploring Red Rock Canyon
Another opportunity to convene with nature sits just 15 miles west of Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon is a national conservation area that showcases massive red rock formations and sandstone peaks. Long-valued as a spot for hikers, bicyclists and rock climbers, horse and scooter tours are obtainable for those who desire to explore the canyon via transport. Just be sure to stop and take some pictures. Red Rock Canyon is a wonderful opportunity to tap into your inner nature photographer. Keep an eye out for burros, ground squirrels and rabbits.

Enjoying Floral Art at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden
If leaving the comforts of the Las Vegas Boulevard isn’t up your alley, the perfect Strip-side spot for giving thanks can be found inside the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden. Each season, highly trained horticulturalists and artistic designers join forces to create awe-inspiring floral creations and works of art that are displayed for public viewing within a 14,000 square-foot space. Currently, the conservatory is featuring “Falling Asleep,” a showcase that is inspired by the mythology of the goddess of harvest.