It might seem strange to have so many haunted spots in a relatively young city like Las Vegas. However, in a few short decades the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have achieved a rich history. Stories of mobsters, murders, suicides, and other equally creepy stories are attached to almost every hotel on the Strip. From tiki masks to pyramids, there is something slightly off about a few places in Las Vegas but if you want to find out if they are truly haunted you will just have to visit them yourself.

One of the biggest tragedies in the town’s history has led to one of the most believable ghost stories. In 1980 the old MGM Grand burnt to the ground in a tragic fire. Eight-five people died in the fire as the MGM Grand went up in flames due to a grease fire that started in one of the kitchens on the ground floor. At the time, thousands of guests were staying in the hotel and rescue ladders could only reach to the 9th floor of the 26-story hotel. Shortly after the fire, the property was sold to Bally’s Entertainment and renamed Bally’s Hotel and Casino. The MGM Grand relocated to the south end of the Strip where it remains today. However, Bally’s is said to be haunted by the souls of those that perished in the fire. Employees and guests have reported sightings of ghosts roaming the halls mostly on levels 19 through 24. To this day it is considered one of the most likely places to spot a ghost in all of Las Vegas.

It is said that the building of the Luxor pyramid was one of the most dangerous construction feats ever attempted on the Strip. The Egyptians may have had the routine down, but it seems modern Americans did not. There were several reports of deaths and injuries by construction workers as the hotel was being built and the rumor is that these construction workers still haunt the hotel. However, this isn’t the only thing strange about this hotel—not by a long shot. Archeologists have long believed that the powers of the pyramid shape far surpass our modern comprehension. As archeologists dug up the tombs of ancient pharaohs in Egypt it was not uncommon to find stray cats perfectly mummified within the tombs. French explorer Monsieur Bovis once tested these findings by building a perfectly crafted small scale pyramid at home. He then placed a dead cat inside the pyramid only to find that weeks later the cat was perfectly mummified. Pyramids have also been used by healers for years to relieve aches and pains and cure common illnesses. Since its construction there have been reports of people committing suicide from the balconies that line the inside of the pyramid. In most cases there was no note left behind and little reason that anyone could see why these people would take their lives. Another possible reason for ghost sightings at the Luxor have to do with the much talked about “holes” in Las Vegas. The term “holes on the Strip” refers to the fact that years ago the town was laced with mobsters who supposedly buried bodies all along the south end of the Strip because at the time there were no buildings there. The Luxor is said to have been built on top of a popular burial site.

There aren’t just regular ghosts in Las Vegas; there are celebrity ghosts as well. Since the 1950’s there have been reports of guests and employees who have seen the ghost of mobster Bugsy Siegel himself roaming the grounds of his beloved Flamingo Hotel. Although Siegel wasn’t killed in Vegas, he once owned the hotel and has often been credited as one of the most influential figures in the town’s early success. Siegel was known to stay in the Presidential Suite of the hotel whenever he was in town. Because he had so many enemies, Siegel set up several escape routes and secret passageways inside the suite in case of emergency. Ironically, Siegel was killed elsewhere. However, guests staying in the presidential suite say that his spirit haunts the suite. Guests have seen his likeness around the pool table and in the bathroom where Siegel himself was said to have picked many of the fixtures. There have also been several reports of his ghost wondering the pool grounds where one of the older hotel towers was once located. One cleaning lady even quit her job after seeing his ghost roaming the hallway of the 5th floor.

Although it may not be one of the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about Las Vegas, ghost hunters often come here to vacation and try to experience the sightings for themselves. While many strange things happen in hotels in Las Vegas, by far the most common ghost story is the constant occurrence of money mysteriously disappearing from people’s wallets. Spooky, huh?