There’s a new museum in town and it’s your one stop shop for all things entertainment. HeadzUp Trick Art Museum is the first wide-scale immersive entertainment center in Las Vegas and offers everything from Escape Rooms to Archery Tag, DIY Workshops and a one-of-a-kind Trick Art Museum. Here’s the fun to be had at HeadzUp.

The Trick Art Museum
Interact and immerse yourself in 3D art and illusions at HeadzUp’s unique Trick Art Museum. The museum has the largest collection of 3D Art you’ll find anywhere. Guests are free to take as many pictures as they’d like and interact with every painting. This place is perfect for Instagram posts.

Escape Rooms
Challenge Your problem-solving skills and intelligence with one of HeadzUp’s Escape Rooms. You’ll have 60-minutes to find your way out of such rooms as Secrets of the Master, The Legacy Room, The Great Car Heist, The Smokin’ Gun and our favorite, The High Roller.

Archery Tag
HeadzUp has combined the precision of archery with the classic game of tag for a fun new sport Archery Tag. Guests will get to shoot their friends and family with bows and arrows in this fun-filled game. During each game, players run, dodge, and shoot nerf-like guns at each other before time runs out.

DIY Workshops
Unleash your creativity at one of HeadzUp’s DIY Workshops. Some of the workshops include DIY Wood Board & Sign Workshops, Succulent Plant Workshop and Paint Workshops.

Headz Up is the home of the American Cornhole League in Las Vegas. The venue hosts weekly ACL tournaments, monthly ACL regional and leagues. If you’re not quite sure how cornhole works, you can come take a Cornhole workshop and learn the Ins and Outs of the game.