Until 2014, Henderson was considered devoid of dining destinations, at least until Bouchon veteran Chris Herrin opened Bread & Butter – which, despite early acclaim, closed its doors in early 2014. Flash forward nearly five years, and a whole new world has developed in Las Vegas’ southeast suburb. Whether one prefers breakfast, dinner, barbeque or vegan, four restaurants in particular stand out as being not just “good for Henderson,” but as good or better than spots found on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Beginning first with the restaurant that took over Herrin’s space, to suggest CRAFTkitchen's success was predictable would be an absurd claim, yet from the moment Jaret Blinn opened his doors, it was easy to see there was something different about this place. Working under the mantra of “food with personality, delivered by people with passion,” CRAFTkitchen boasts fans that flock to the space daily for items both savory and sweet. An #everchangingbrunch highlights weekends, and always keeping things fresh.  Try the seasonal pop-tart, or pulled turkey benedict as two of Chef Blinn’s more popular items, and be sure not to miss out on some of the city’s best Monkey Bread, served crispy beneath molten frosting.

Traveling down South Eastern Avenue, another restaurant that took over a previous favorite is also turning up the heat. Dubbed The Stove, and featuring the talents of Chefs Antonio Nunez and Scott Commings, guests of the second-floor space looking back towards The Strip will find themselves enticed by unique creations such as foie gras atop waffles, as well as the “Full Monte,” offering duck confit and gruyere on fried bread. Not forgetting classics such as bacon and eggs, The Stove also features a wide range of global inspirations, including top-notch chilaquiles and shashuka, plus plenty of unique coffees and teas. This spot, like CRAFTkitchen, is open daily for brunch. Guests can expect to wait on weekends, but by calling or checking in online, the savvy will save some time.

Residing on the same street, but taking a healthier approach, another offering comes from Chef Ramir Bolanos DeCastro of the now-shuttered Yonaka Modern Japanese. Titled Purple Potato, and located at 10090 South Eastern Ave. since Sept. 2017, the tidy space sees DeCastro taking on the ever-growing idea of healthy fast-service cuisine. Also, considering America's expanding waistline, the fact that each dish lists calories and ingredients, the concept has broad appeal to a wide range of guests, including staff of the nearby hospital. Offering bowls, sandwiches, wraps and salads – with the ability to customize each item an added benefit – Purple Potato will also entice even those not specifically trying to eat clean with a wide range of deserts, including housemade “monster cookies” and several items built on Purple Potato’s eponymous ingredient, with the former also offered via nationwide shipping.

Finishing strong, the long-held belief that Las Vegas is not a barbeque town changed thanks to a man from San Antonio – and his wife from Estonia – in early 2016. Dubbed Big B’s Texas BBQ after its Pit Master, and reinvented brick by brick from a former Deli by its owners, this place defines a “work of passion” in more than one way, with the couple even going so far as to drive in wood from The Lone Star State anytime their supply starts to thin. From supple brisket to jumbo ribs and even lean tri-tip, Big B’s has got guests covered for all things beef. Those seeking lighter meats need not fret, because the turkey and pork are also great. Adding in plenty of sides, including Sin City’s best baked beans, those in the know will also inquire about a “secret menu” offering a gigantic sandwich, potato skins and one fine cheesesteak smothered in provolone cheese plus peppers and onions.