The newly opened Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade serves up plenty of laughs along with a unique atmosphere, memorabilia and tasty bar food. Here’s a closer look at the newest comedy club in Las Vegas:

From the moment you step inside the ground floor of the club you will be transported to a swanky drinking lounge, complete with showpiece chandelier, dark couches and sleek modern lines. There is also a centerpiece bar that is an exact replica of the bar in Kimmel’s Los Angeles home.

At that bar and throughout the club guests can sip on specialty cocktails, many of which have names fans will recognize like the Uncle Frank, named after Kimmel’s late uncle/show security, which contains Dewar’s White Label Whiskey, ginger-honey simple syrup and lemon juice. The Aunt Chippy, named after Kimmel’s aunt made from Bulleit Bourbon, orange bitters, Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth and cherry simple syrup.

Upstairs is where the fun really begins. The comedy club space is bigger than most others, accommodating over 300 people. The stage itself features an LED wall, which can rotate through various backgrounds such as the Las Vegas skyline or even a curtain or bricks.

The club also has a sound booth that doubles as a podcast recording studio. This means that podcasts can be recorded as special events or regularly in the booth. Adam Corolla already did a live recording of his popular podcast, and he did it in front of a live viewing audience.

As far as the talent goes, Kimmel works with the club’s general manager to book talent. So far, the club has seen John Heffron and Nikki Glasser. Chris DiStefano will be there July 25-28. While there is no set schedule on when or how often Kimmel himself will appear at the club, he was there to help open it on May 3 along with club consultant and “Toastmaster General” Jeff Ross.

The venue is decorated with characters from Kimmel’s popular Comedy Central show Crank Yankers. No, they won’t be making any prank calls while you’re there, but you can still relive some of their funniest moments with such puppets as Spoonie Luv, Terrence Catheter and Elmer.

In addition to the Crank Yankers characters, there are photographs of Kimmel throughout the ground floor including a picture of the star as a teenager standing in front of his old car, which features a license plate that reads L8 Night.

As you take in the decor and comedians enjoy some of Kimmel’s favorite snack food like mini burgers on King’s Hawaiian Rolls, or the Exactly Six Nachos with individually crafted chips topped with black beans, jack cheese, Baja chicken, pico de gallo, cream, jalapeño and cilantro.