The founders of Blue Collar Comedy Tour might want to take a look over their shoulders. Hot on the heels of the legendary troupe is loveable John Caparulo. With his trademark baseball cap, schlubby t-shirt and boyish good looks, the "under-dressed everyman" has been conquering every media outlet from animated series to satellite radio, sitcoms and podcasts to Netflix specials. Now the no-collar funny guy is having a blast with his ongoing residency at Harrah's Las Vegas

Currently enjoying a second year at one of the Strip's popular hotel-casinos, Caparulo has been entertaining Sin City audiences for a very long time. His frequent appearances at South Point Casino were a favorite with locals and visitors for many years. It was only a matter of time before he secured a permanent gig at the heart of the Strip.

The humble Ohio native previously resided in Los Angeles while touring the nation (and the world). As you might imagine, he mines those experiences for comedy gold. Omaha's freezing climate, rah-rah patriotism of Texans and the aggravation of airline security measures all wind up in his crosshairs.

In recent years, the one-time slacker has gone from "couch potato" to "husband and father." Never imagining himself in a role of responsibility, John's awkward transition to maturity and subsequent move to Las Vegas provide some of his funniest material to date. Even an outdoor game of hide-and-seek with daughter Madden Jae gets a cringe-inducing reenactment. Hiding behind a tree in a park filled with children, Caparulo quips "Oh, this doesn't look good." 

Despite his stage persona of lazy indifference, the real John is a powerhouse of energy. He created the online original series Caplets, appears with wife Jamie on The Mad Cap Comedy Hour, and is launching an animated show and comic book series entitled Cartoon Comic. Mix in his work for Comedy Central and late-night talk show appearances with CMT's Mobile Home Disaster, and you have the makings for one very busy "slacker."

Still, John's heart remains on the stage, where the working-class comic excels at improvisation and audience interaction. Each night is different and no two shows are the same. Whether you're a longtime fan or looking for something new, John Caparulo - MAD CAP COMEDY is an unforgettable evening of gut-busting hilarity. And best of all, there's no need to dress up.

John Caparulo – MAD CAP COMEDY performs nightly at 9:30 p.m. (dark Tuesdays). It is recommended for mature audiences. Complimentary meet-and-greets take place. For more of the best of comedy in Vegas this season, check out our full slate of comedy shows.