Las Vegas is called the Entertainment Capital of the World for a reason. With luxury hotels, 5 star restaurants, breathtaking shows and famous nightclubs, there is no denying a fun time here. But not everybody can afford the fun. Or can they? We’ve pooled together 10 money saving tips to ensure you still get to experience Vegas and save some cash while doing it.

Stay Mid-week and Avoid Holidays
This tip is at the top of our list for a reason. While we definitely recommend you spend a weekend and/or holiday in Vegas once in your life, it’s not necessary to enjoy Vegas, especially if you’re on a budget. When it comes to finding a hotel, checking in on a Monday through Wednesday is no doubt your cheapest option. Thursday and Friday get more expensive and Saturday is the worst for rates. Holiday weekends should also be avoided as hotels escalate prices 2-3 times the normal price.

Ask for Free Upgrades
When you check-in ask the hotel reservation clerk if there are any free room upgrades available. You might be surprised at how many hotels will give you free upgrades if it’s your first time in Vegas, if you re celebrating something or even if you’re just nice.

Drink for Free
If you like to gamble you can drink for free at the casinos. Cocktail waitresses will bring free drinks for people sitting at tables or slot machines. Just know that the better you tip the waitress, the more drinks she will bring.

Get to Clubs Early
The earlier you arrive at Las Vegas nightclubs the more likely you will save on cover charges. Cover charges typically increase as the club reaches capacity. Showing up earlier in the night will help avoid higher costs.

Buy the V Card
For one low price, the V Card get you into the hottest parties, clubs, bars, elite pool parties and gentleman’s clubs. With the card you’ll get free or discounted admission, VIP seating and other discounts.

Grab Free Nightclub Passes at Hotels
This one sounds too good to be true. When you walk through a Vegas casino make sure you grab whatever they are handing you. A lot of time they are actually adding you a deal like free club passes. Depending on the pass you could get in to a Vegas club free, get to skip the line or get a free drink.

Avoid Taxis
Do your best to avoid Vegas taxis. Instead take transportation networks like Uber or Lyft. Not only are they cheaper but they are faster to use.

Ride the Monorail
Speaking of transportation, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around Vegas is to use the monorail. The train runs behind the hotels and has several stops every couple of hotels along the way. You can buy 1 way, daily or 3-day.

Go to Shows at Your Hotel
Take advantage of catching a show at whatever hotel you are staying at. A lot of the times they will give hotel guests discounts on show tickets.

Las Vegas Explorer Pass
If you really want to explore Vegas purchase the Las Vegas Explorer Pass. This pass allows you to choose 3, 5, or 7 of 31 attractions for one price. Each pass is good for 30 days after the first day of use. See such attractions as the High Roller, Stratosphere Observation Deck, Shark Reef Aquarium, Hoover Dam Tour and more.