We all know the slogan – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what exactly should you do while you’re there? And possibly more importantly, what should you not do? Let’s take a look at some of the most integral dos and don’ts for your next trip to Sin City!

Do stay on or close to the Strip
If you’re going to Las Vegas, the best way to experience it fully is to stay in the middle of the action. While there is plenty to do in Sin City outside of the infamous Strip, the center of entertainment, shows, shopping and dining is located directly on this 4.2-mile stretch that cuts through the heart of Vegas. Dozens of Las Vegas hotels make up the impressive skyline, so do your research and find out which resort works for you and your budget – but don’t miss out on the action that follows when you stay on the Strip!   

Do come ready to party
Let’s be real – that is the No. 1 reason people travel all over the world to vacation in this desert oasis. On the Las Vegas Strip and in downtown, open alcohol containers are allowed, and you can drink and gamble 24 hours a day, seven days a week! From day parties at the resort pools to VIP Party Crawls and nightclubs by night, there is always an opportunity to let loose in Sin City! 

Do try something new
While partying may be Las Vegas’ reputation because of the plentiful nightclubs and casinos, there is so much more to see and do in Sin City. Visit Vegas Indoor Skydiving, see the Strip from up above at Stratosphere Tower or the High Roller, take a spin in an exotic car, go on a rollercoaster ride or treat yourself to a day or pampering at the Mandara Spa. Whatever you do – make it a point to experience something new on your next trip!

Do set a budget
One thing to realize before coming to Vegas is that this city isn’t cheap. Between shows, designer shops, buffets (that are big on calories and your wallet), day tours out of the city and of course, alcohol, slot machines and poker tables, there are an infinite number of ways to spend your hard-earned cash in Sin City. And while you should by all means enjoy yourself, you can save yourself post-vacation remorse if you plan ahead and stick to a budget and plan. One way to do just that is by visiting BestofVegas.com, your home to the best discounts on everything Las Vegas!  

Don’t miss out on the shows
There are shows for everyone in Vegas – family comedy shows, not-so-family comedy shows, multiple Cirque du Soleil shows, adult-only shows, magic shows, pop stars with resident shows, dinner shows, etc. You name it, Vegas has it! It’s easy to want to spend all your time at the pool or casino, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t experience at least one of the over 100 shows that Sin City offers.

Don’t forget to carry cash
In a city that’s all about money, it’s always good to have cold hard cash on hand for tipping, housekeeping, etc. Not all cabs take cards and it’s good to know at all times that you can pay for whatever you need.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes
Sure, you want to look good in Vegas, but style doesn’t have to mean discomfort. Pick your shoes carefully, as everything in Vegas requires quite a bit of walking. Even walking the expanse of one hotel is enough to make your feet hurt, so imagine how your feet will feel after doing all that walking AND dancing the night away? Trust us when we say – pick your cutest pairs of shoes, but make sure they are tolerable (or bring along a lot of Band-Aids)!  

Don’t just spend all your time in Vegas
Las Vegas is a mecca for entertainment, but it is also centrally located to many national parks and sights that are within a day’s reach. From Red Rock Canyon to the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley National Park, Zion National Park, Valley of Fire and more! BestofVegas.com has all the top day tours at a discounted price, so book your Las Vegas tour today!