Las Vegas and its stars have long been the inspiration behind Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster films (think The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven, Rain Man, Indecent Proposal, etc.) but every once in a while the city becomes the muse for one of the silliest comedies you may ever see. Enter “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”

The latest Las Vegas-based comedy tells the story of Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell), a Las Vegas magician who suffers from a falling out with his longtime partner (Steve Buscemi) while also trying to compete with an extreme street magician (Jim Carrey). Sound familiar? Well hopefully it doesn’t but when you see some of the costumes, hair and illusions in the film you might be reminded of a few of Las Vegas’ best magicians including Criss AngelJan Rouven and even Penn & Teller

Burt Wonderstone’s archenemy Steve Gray and his illusions bare a remarkable resemblance to Magician of the Century and Cirque du Soleil “Believe” star Criss Angel. It’s certainly not his cocky attitude that does it but more his looks including that long flowing hair, tattoos and jewelry. Toss in his show-stopping and never-before seen illusions and Steve Gray just might be based on Criss Angel. And if it’s not Criss then it has to be Jan Rouven.

With the same edge as Criss Angel, Jan Rouven adds even more death-defying stunts and tricks to his show, Illusions. The incredible show combines dancers, music, dazzling pyrotechnics, smoke and some of the most heart-pumping magic tricks you may ever see. His stage presence and performance is intoxicating and he definitely gives off that mysterious vibe, just like Steve Gray in Burt Wonderstone. 

As far as Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi’s characters go there isn’t quite a magic duo that they can be compared to but there is the famous duo Penn & Teller and they’re way better anyway! Having performed together for more than 30 years and entertaining audiences at the Rio since 2001, Penn & Teller are no novices when it comes to Las Vegas entertainment. Their hilarious approach to magic makes you feel like you’re at a comedy show rather than a magic show but don’t worry, the dynamic duo still include plenty of mystery and tricks to keep you guessing. Plus, they use lots of audience participation including being a part of some of the tricks and checking the validity of others.  It’s the show that has it all and one not to be missed!

Burt Wonderstone hits theaters March 15. If you want to see for yourself how similar the movie’s magicians are to Las Vegas’ own look for discounted “Believe,” Jan Rouven and Penn & Teller tickets right here on Best of Vegas.
Las Vegas, NV - 02/28/13