Catching a Vegas show is a must on your visit, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Which one do you book? When do you need to get there? Where are these shows located? Best of Vegas has compiled a list of our best tips to make your Vegas show experience even more enjoyable:

Arrive Early
Since seeing a Vegas show is an experience, which is why we recommend arriving to the theater early. If not to just check out the beauty of the theater and some of the unique opportunities available, some productions also offer pre-shows for guest who arrive early. Plus, a few shows actually stop seating BEFORE the show even starts. If you get there at curtain call you might not be able to get in.

Combine Your Show with Dinner
To completely round out your Las Vegas show experience, make sure you grab dinner at the resort hosting the show you’re seeing. By eating at the resort’s many restaurants, you won’t have to worry about leaving yourself enough time to get to the correct location before the show starts. You can simply enjoy your meal and then walk steps away to the theater.

Book Your Tickets on makes planning and purchasing your Vegas show easy. Make sure you scheme out our comprehensive list of shows available. Once you’ve chosen, find the date you plan to attend, and you’ll be checked out with savings in your pocket in no time.

Look Beyond the Strip
Vegas’ most popular shows are located on the Strip, but there are many shows located off the Strip, many of which are cheaper too. What’s great about these shows is that because they are less advertised, they don’t have as big of crowds, and you won’t have a hard time finding a great seat. Plus, it’s always nice to explore what’s beyond Las Vegas Boulevard.

Walk to Get There
The best way to get to your show is to simply walk. Your walk adds a little extra something to the night as you pass by plenty of entertainment and unique sights to the city. Make sure you give yourself enough time to stroll as you’ll likely want to stop for photos with impersonators and at iconic landmarks. If you don’t choose to walk, you can always take the Monorail or tram.