If Las Vegas could talk, she would have some interesting tales to tell. Stories of luck, ladies, atomic tests, organized crime and rapid growth.

Sure, much the city is shiny and new, but we have our share of history, too. You might say we put the “story” in “history.” Want to learn more on your next visit? Check out one of these three Las Vegas attractions:

Hoover Dam Tours
You’ve likely seen the Hoover Dam in popular culture, on television and in movies. Onscreen representations of the landmark include everything from Clark Griswold’s gum-chewing antics in Vegas Vacation to an averted Decepticon disaster in Transformers.

The dam is also popular for its storied past. Built along the Nevada-Arizona border between 1931 and 1936, the construction of this National Historic Monument was a monumental task.

A trip to the dam and its youthful counterpart, the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, provides tons of scenic photo opportunities and a glimpse into the stories of those who built the dam and sustain it. You can visit on your own via car or even hike to it from the Lake Mead Visitor’s Center. But you’re bound to get the most inside information on a guided tour of the dam by bus, hummer or boat.

Mob Museum
Once upon a time, the mob ruled Las Vegas, and casinos were owned by organized crime’s biggest names. The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas takes you on a trip through this notorious era, from birth to today, in Sin City and around the nation.

Built inside a restored 1933 courthouse and post office building, steps away from the Fremont Street Experience, the accredited museum includes four floors worth of multimedia displays, interactive exhibits and artifacts from the late 19th century through today. Exhibits immerse you in the real world of made men in America, the crime fighters who brought them down, and the face of modern-day organized crime.

Keeping true to the times of prohibition, the museum’s basement houses a secretive speakeasy with a working distillery, The Underground. Grab a glass of wine or a mug of moonshine and become a part of history.

Haunted Vegas
Is Elvis alive in Vegas, baby? Maybe. Some famous celebrities from history are haunting Las Vegas, allegedly. You can track their ghostly activity on the Haunted Vegas Tour.

First, you’ll learn how to locate spirits with EMF meters, temperature guns and dowsing rods. Second, you’ll brave the sites of gory Las Vegas murders, possible haunting grounds, and other peculiar parts of town like a paranormal pizza parlor and a place called the Motel of Death. Third, you’ll be wishing you brought along an extra pair of pants.