If you’re going to see new talent, you’re probably going to see it in Las Vegas before you see it anywhere else in the country. And right now you can experience one of the most unusual, incredible and fascinating new talents at the Quad, formerly Imperial Palace, six days a week. They’re called Recycled Percussion and they use everything from ladders to metal grinders, trash cans and washing machines to create all genres of music.

Unlike anything in Las Vegas, Recycled Percussion’s entire show focuses solely on the sounds that can be made by just about anything you can think of, including a human body!

Recycled Percussion draws its name from drumming on instruments made of trash cans, buckets, barrels, power tools and any other thing they can get their hands on to create their “junk rock.” The group, which is made up of Justin Spencer, founder and creator and “world’s best drummer;” Ryan Vezina, percussion specialist, body percussion talent; Todd Griffin, DJ and media director and percussionist, and Matt Bowman, guitarist and percussionist began spreading their style of music in 1995, when they made their debut at their high school talent show. After nearly 15 years touring the country with their beats and appearing on The Today Show, Carson Daly and The Soup, Recycled Percussion got their big break when they finished third on “America’s Got Talent” and became the first non-singing act in the competition to place in the show’s top three finalists. Then came Vegas.

They first appeared on the Strip in 2010 just a year after it competed on "America's Got Talent." After touring with a live version of the talent show that made a stop at Planet Hollywood, the group signed with MGM Grand for their own nightly show. Three years later and now performing at the Quad, Recycled Percussion is still one of the most intense shows on the Strip, a feat that’s hard to achieve in The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Recycled Percussion offers a new way to enjoy a live show and keeps the audiences coming back for more by giving audiences their own drumstick and instrument on their way into the theater. Guests are encouraged to use their pieces of equipment along with Recycled Percussion, a technique that has proven to be popular amongst their audience members.

Aside from beating on car parts, sinks, chainsaws, fans and vacuums, and giving guests their own instrument to bang on, the group also incorporates incredible acrobatics and athleticism into their shows that catapult them into a new genre of entertainment, and one you don’t want to miss.

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Las Vegas, NV – 02/18/13