Wherever you’re staying, from the Palazzo to Mandalay Bay, from the Golden Nugget to M Resort, you’re never far from a Starbucks. This is great news, especially for those hitting the late-night High Roller rides or still recovering from a girl’s night out at Thunder From Down Under. But what if you’re looking for more than a perfunctory morning pick me up?

Over the last four years, Las Vegas locals have enjoyed the single-origin roasting Mothership Coffee has perfected for their caffeine-laden libations. Now, that same high quality is more accessible to those visiting Las Vegas, at Mothership Coffee’s new location at Ferguson’s Downtown. In the center of an old motel given new life through extensive renovation and repurposing (it now boasts shops and restaurants) sits one of the most spectacular interior spaces in Vegas.

With a quarter of the walls made up of glass doors, there’s a melding of outside and inside. This creates an openness that unexpectedly translates into intimacy. The substantial Nero Marquina marble counter adds dramatic flair with thick white veins traveling through black stone along with ribbons of richly-colored wood. Behind the counter, a geometric mosaic extends the color scheme. All this is juxtaposed with cement walls, soft yellow under lighting, and touches of gold. The feeling is stark and sparse, yet the infusion of warm tones through lighting and wood elements forge a welcoming atmosphere.

In this art deco-meets-modern space, the design is only the start of your experience. Three different menus highlight everything Mothership Coffee has to offer. The Manual Brew menu is a trip around the world led by the expert touch of your barista, featuring countries such as Colombia, Ethiopia and Peru. Each origin profoundly affects the flavor. Then there’s the selection of espresso and lattes, which are anything but predictable, and include options like Bourbon Vanilla and Maple Cardamom. Step outside the comforts of coffeeshop standards, and your risk will be rewarded with deep, rich profiles to be savored with every sip.

The third menu includes a variety of beers (draft or can) along with a trio of beer cocktails. Their names – Tsunami, Dark End and Blood Moon – betray the powerful punch each cocktail delivers. The Tsunami is refreshing and tangy, relying on tropical notes and a berry sour. The Dark End is robust and hearty, blending cold brew coffee and a honey stout. The Blood Moon is sweet and zesty, using fresh lemons and a hefeweizen.

Your beverage need not feel lonely, as Mothership Coffee is always stocked with a scrumptious array of baked goods. Cupcakes, croissants and quiche are only some of the confections, which can be admired in their glass case. The assortment changes from day to day, allowing repeat customers to be regularly surprised by new and delicious choices, like a matcha cream-dipped orange croissant.

So order a coffee, grab a pastry and settle in at one of the luxurious seating options. Just one warning, though: If you do all that, you may never want to leave.