While many venture to Vegas for the shows, nightlife and other attractions on or near The Strip, there’s plenty to explore outside of this glitzy region. One such destination is Main Street, between Charleston Boulevard and Wyoming Avenue, which has seen plenty of changes as part of the city’s Downtown renaissance. One thing has remained constant on this straight stretch of road: it continues to offer singular shopping experiences unmatched by the opulence of The Strip.   

Antique Alley Mall
Once a sprawling furniture emporium, the Antique Alley Mall’s greatest attraction is the variety and volume of vintage wares within its well-lit interiors. The usual suspects, such as clothing, books, and jewelry are all there. But so are antique mustache cups, a lemon-eyed, deep blue-glazed owl, and a large collection of Smurf figurines. Chances are, no matter who you’re shopping for – your child-at-heart friend, your hippie-dippie dog sitter, your weird cousin –something special for that person lurks somewhere in the vast confines of the Antique Alley Mall.  

Tatyana Boutique
Retro style is reborn at Tatyana Boutique, the store, and headquarters for the Tatyana fashion brand. The friendly staff will help you navigate racks replete with original designs inspired by the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. You can find dresses featuring playful patterns, or pencil skirts that call back a demure sexiness, in sizes from XS through 4XL. Create a head-to-toe look with matching accessories such as handbags, sunglasses or crinolines. Pin-up photography, sessions styled and guided by experienced professionals, are also available. This is the place to let your inner retro diva reign.  

If you can’t decide whether to go drinking or shopping, ReBar has you covered. Each and every item, from glassware to benches, is for sale at this vintage watering hole. Like the zebra hanging on the wall? Take it home. As you admire the selection of vintage finds, a brightly colored beer stein, a clock set in the clear red torso of a swan, wooden salt and pepper shakers, sip on one of ReBar’s Charitable Cocktails. A portion of the proceeds from each one goes to a different charity.     

Las Vegas Oddities
Skeletal frogs floating in jars, antique medical instruments, meteorite fragments and many other creepy crawly items fill the glass display cases at Las Vegas Oddities. The spacious shop is organized into convenient categories, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the bizarre marvels on display. Parents of small children should keep in mind that some of the merchandise might be disturbing for a younger audience. All enter Las Vegas Oddities at their own risk of nightmares –  or being completely bewitched by a taxidermy white rabbit covered in glitter and surrounded by cupcakes.

Divided into three sections (bar and glassware, clothing and accessories and furniture), Patina is the sophisticated, well-curated vintage store of your dreams. Their glasses are exquisite in design and material. The women’s clothing assortment is grand, sweeping and eclectic. A walk through this shop is a guided tour of good taste and craftsmanship through the ages. Escape from the proliferation of yoga pants and grunge in a place where over-the-top is just right. You’ll be wondering how to infuse your day-to-day existence with this much glamour and fun.

Antique Alley Mall, Tatyana Boutique, ReBar, Las Vegas Oddities and Patina are only a few of the many unique businesses on Main Street. Make sure to check for opening hours to maximize your time. An afternoon exploring this area north of The Strip is an afternoon well spent.