When it comes to magic acts, the set-up is usually 90 percent of the illusion. Describe the trick, set up the props, lay on a little distraction and then, "ta-da!" Not so with Hans Klok: The World’s Fastest Magician. Now performing six nights a week (with matinees on select dates), the latest production at Excalibur is a breakneck theatrical experience that will leave you slack-jawed and gasping in wonder.

Longtime Vegas visitors may remember Klok's large-scale 2007 production The Beauty of Magic at Planet Hollywood. Accompanied by glamourous Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson, Klok turned Vegas magic shows inside out by combining vintage theatrical flamboyance with a hip, cutting-edge performance style (think Siegfried and Roy meet Criss Angel). The show drew attention from A-list celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Amy Winehouse, along with former American’s Got Talent judge (and Anderson's Baywatch co-star) David Hasselhoff.

In the ensuing twelve years, the Holland native has cemented his status as the "Dutch David Copperfield." He's toured throughout Europe, received numerous awards, appeared on countless television programs and was inducted into the "Inner Circle" of the British Magic Circle organization. In addition, Klok set a world illusion speed record in 2012, which he subsequently topped the following year. Now he's returned to Vegas with a new collection of spectacular mind-benders.

To describe any of Klok's many sequences would spoil the fun. But "fun" is indeed the operative word here. The production is mostly light-hearted, family-friendly and filled with music and memorable costumes. A sexy cast of male and female dancers keeps things moving at a brisk pace while Klok's darkly-clad assistant adds an air of mystery to the proceedings with vampire-like menace. 

Presented in Excalibur's intimate (and newly renovated) Thunderland Showroom, "The World's Fastest Magician" defies expectations at every turn. It's filled with gorgeous sets, elaborate props and magnificent backdrop projections befitting a much larger show. In a city filled with magical productions, Hans Klok: The World’s Fastest Magician is a genuine crowd-pleaser that deserves a spot on your entertainment must-do list. 

Hans Klok: The World's Fastest Magician performs Saturday through Thursday (dark Fridays) at Excalibur's Thunderland Showroom. Check the schedule for exact times and matinees on select dates.