Every year, the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con rolls into town and brings with it mobs of cape-wearing and light saber-waving comic fans. Last year the convention drew its largest crowd yet – over 33,000 people. Perhaps in order to meet the rising demand for geek culture in Sin City, or maybe just to capitalize on the popularity of super hero franchises, several nerd-themed bars and attractions have emerged across the Vegas Valley. Below are five places to go if you’re looking to satisfy your cravings for all things nerdy and geek out over Star Trek, Harry Potter and more.

Marvel's Avengers STATION
3300 S Las Vegas Blvd
Part museum, part interactive exhibit and 100 percent Super Hero Heaven, Marvel’s Avengers STATION inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino offers fans an exclusive and hands-on deep dive into the Marvel Universe. At Marvel’s Avengers STATION, you can, ahem, marvel at Captain America’s uniform and shield, explore Bruce Banner’s laboratory and learn to operate Iron Man’s suit. You can even train to become an Avengers agent (with Tony Stark’s approval, of course).
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The Nerd
450 Fremont St. #250
Before The Nerd became a pop-culture-themed bar and dance club, it was a drag queen bowling alley, which explains the seemingly out-of-place presence of several bowling lanes in the middle of what is essentially a low-key bar and lounge. Though The Nerd charges a cover, the bar’s bowling, billiards and video games are all free to play. As one might expect, The Nerd serves movie and TV show-themed cocktails, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired ginger(root) craft cocktail “I’m a Root” and the Simpsons-themed donut cocktail “The Springfield.” Other attractions include Breaking Bad art, movie memorabilia and a giant replica of Jabba the Hut. The Nerd is located on Fremont Street, in an area of Downtown Las Vegas popular with college students and bar-hopping locals.

Millennium Fandom Bar
900 S Las Vegas Blvd. #140
The OG of nerd-themed Vegas bars, the Millennium Fandom Bar (MFB) in the Arts District is arguably the most popular hangout among Vegas’ cosplay-ers and diehard sci-fi and fantasy fans, thanks to the authentic enthusiasm of the bar’s cosplay-loving owner and staff. MFB’s owner, Alex Pusineri, asserts that the Millennium Fandom Bar is the first fandom bar in the world. It was launched on November 5th, 2015, in honor of “Remember, remember, the fifth of November,” a line from the 2005 film V for Vendetta. The bar features a life-size R2D2, light sabers and a dance floor, and hosts weekly board game nights, trivia contests and themed parties. Plans are also in the works to start hosting fandom weddings. It’s the ideal watering hole to head to if you’re looking to engage in a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate or discuss fan theories regarding the fate of The Avengers franchise or the next season of Game of Thrones.  A word of caution, however: The friendly patrons who frequent MFB aren’t casual nerds—they’re the real deal. Challenge their knowledge of Lord of Rings or Harry Potter at your own risk.

VR Adventures
3545 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Level up your love for super heroes by visiting VR Adventures, an attraction that invites superhero fans to immerse themselves in a three-dimensional virtual superhero world. Gamers don high-tech goggles and jump and use hand movements to dodge evil villains and soar to “infinity and beyond!” VR Adventures is located in the LINQ Promenade on Las Vegas Boulevard (walk until you see the giant Ferris Wheel).
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Bad Owl Coffee
10575 S. Eastern Ave. #160, Henderson, NV
The Harry Potter-inspired café Bad Owl Coffee promises “serious coffee with a hint of magic.” Hidden in a nondescript building in a strip mall in Henderson—about a 20-minute drive from The Strip—the café doesn’t look like much from the outside. But inside, the café’s cool and quirky aesthetic serves to delight both Potterheads and coffee-loving purists alike. A snow-white owl sits in a birdcage atop a pile of suitcases, Hogwarts admission letters hang from the ceiling and broomsticks decorate the walls. Inscribed on the café’s wooden tables are quotes from Harry Potter, and clever puns like “Everyday I’m Mugglin” and “Espresso Patronum.” Though the Harry Potter theme is present throughout the shop, it’s subtle enough that those who’ve never heard of the boy with the lightning tattoo won’t be overwhelmed by the kitsch. The menu serves a range of drink and food items for the non-Potter fans—like avocado toast and coconut white mochas—while also offering items you may recognize from the books, too, such as the popular Butter Brew Latte (aka Butterbeer).