OPIUM, the out-of-this-world production at The Cosmopolitan, has taken audiences on more than 350 extraterrestrial rides to Uranus since it first opened at the Vegas resort. On Tuesday, March 12, OPIUM and its 73 crew members celebrated its first trip around the sun with a Martian themed party.

After a performance that received a raucous standing ovation, the starship and its passengers were greeted by the Mayor of Mars who invited them to a Martian party he’d organized for the occasion at the adjacent Rose. Rabbit. Lie supper club. The show really ran with the Martian theme, outfitting guests in Martian attire including silver capes, neon facial markings, and tinfoil space headwear. Visitors also enjoyed custom Spocktails created by Mariena Mercer, chief mixologist at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, as well as small bites.

“We’d like to thank this supremely talented crew for sharing their gifts and getting us to this point,” shared Ross Mollison, Impresario Extraordinaire of producing company Spiegelworld. “Their talents and the continued support of our fans and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas team are the reason we’re celebrating our first anniversary of Opium tonight. Cheers to many more!”

In addition to the performance of OPIUM, guests were also treated to wild and eccentric vignettes throughout the evening, including a song from OPIUM show producer and promoter Harry M. Howie.