While Lady Gaga won’t return to Las Vegas until November, you can still experience her breathtaking talent through Tierney Allen paying tribute to the superstar in Legends in Concert. Allen has been belting out Lady Gaga’s hits while owning the stage for about 10 years with her star rising in the Tropicana’s resident tribute show. While a new line-up is preparing to enter the show, beginning on July 2nd, Allen recently spoke with Best of Vegas about her long-running tribute to this musical icon.

While many tribute acts honor older performers and those who have passed, Lady Gaga is hot right now. How do you feel about performing as Lady Gaga?
Tierney Allen
: I have a lot of mixed emotions. There is gratitude to be able to do this and portray the most iconic artist of our time. I feel she is on the level of Elvis and Michael Jackson. There is also some pressure. However, I am thrilled to be doing this and performing.

How do you feel performing her award-winning “Shallow?”
Tierney Allen
: I listened to her Academy Awards show the performance of “Shallow” over and over again so I can capture that sound and her feeling. I have so much appreciation for what she does.

How did you become a tribute artist for Lady Gaga?
Tierney Allen:
I was living in Los Angeles, selling sunglasses to many celebrity customers, and Kate Beckinsale told me very casually that I looked like Lady Gaga and could make a living. I looked up Lady Gaga; I was singing and dancing professionally and decided to try it. Here I am now paying tribute to her.

Is this your first time performing in Legends in Las Vegas?
Tierney Allen
: Yes, it is. I performed in the show in Hawaii, but am happy to be in Vegas right now.
In July, Legends in Concert will present Nair Cardoza’s breathtaking tribute to Adele, Tino Ilbach’s homage to Stevie Wonder and Daniel Durston’s portrayal of The King, Elvis Presley. Nellie Norris’ colorful tribute to Cyndi Lauper and John Anthony shows how young Rod Stewart remains.

Legends in Concert performs at Tropicana Las Vegas Monday through Saturday (dark Sunday) at 7:30 p.m. Experience the magnificence of Lady Gaga and other hot acts with discount tickets from Best of Vegas.