Think of 2001: A Space Odyssey, David Bowie’s Space Oddity with a twist of Flesh Gordon (the adult version of Flash Gordon) as the show Opium lands in Las Vegas. The adults-only show, which recently celebrated its first anniversary in Vegas, brings top entertainment with a funky science fiction backdrop to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Sunday to Monday.

It’s a wild night aboard the OPM 73 from Uranus to Las Vegas, featuring Captain Kuton, Scottie, Chip, Rob the Robot, Dusty Moonboots, out-of-this-world performers and a rocking house band, along with the antics of Lt. Harriet. This earthling left Planet Earth to explore the stars before returning the aliens and other characters of Opium. Lt. Harriet was happy to talk with Best of Vegas about her adventures and being a part of the wildest ride on the planet in Opium.

How did you land in Las Vegas?
Lt. Harriet:
OPM 73 picked me up because I was hitchhiking throughout the galaxy. When Captain Kuton picked me up, he gave me the role of cruise director on the ship. I get along with everyone, so he gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted for entertainment, which probably wasn’t a good idea.

How did you end up hitchhiking around the galaxy?
Lt. Harriet
: I am a girl from the Midwest that got caught up in space. I'm a little bit of a party girl, so I don’t know how I ended up in space, but there I was on Uranus, which is the Vegas of space. Somehow I got kicked out, so I was looking for my next adventure when I got onboard the OPM 73.

Now that you are back on Earth, how do you interact with other humans?
Lt. Harriet
: Since I am the cruise director, it is important I let everyone know what to expect. There be will a lot of turbulence, but we are all there to have a good time. Sometimes they get it, and sometimes they don’t – I think because of the cocktails.

What about cocktails in space?
Lt. Harriet
: We have these incredible drinks on the Starship Opium, Kick My Asteroid with Poprocks.

How do you get along with the others on the ship?
Lt. Harriet
: Well Captain Kuton keeps getting my name wrong. I have a complicated relationship with Rob the Robot. As soon as he gets updated, it is like I am dealing with two different robots. Alexia hasn’t been on the ship as long, but she blows the audience away with her talent.

Opium takes flight at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas every Monday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. and Thursday through Sunday with shows at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Score discount tickets right here on BestofVegas.