Larger-than-life celebrity social media influencer Perez Hilton tackles anything outrageous with sass. His latest challenge is appearing as the special guest host for the Chippendales at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. With his wicked wit and charming persona, Perez is ready to mix it up with the hottest male dancers as their ringmaster. Best of Vegas caught up with Perez to talk about adding his own style and flair for the sizzling show.

You reached out to the show about guest hosting, so why the Chippendales?
Perez Hilton
: I have seen the show, and I knew that I would enjoy performing with all of these talented guys. I wanted the opportunity to use my performer's muscles. I graduated from New York University with a degree in drama, and I have performed in many musicals. In fact, I appeared off-Broadway in 2016, and I wanted to get back on stage.

Have you ever performed in Las Vegas?
Perez Hilton:
This is my debut as a headliner in Las Vegas. I love having my face welcome visitors at the airport and the entrance of the Rio. This is such an extraordinary experience for me.

You have so dramatically changed yourself physically. How does it feel to be next to The Chippendales?
Perez Hilton:
It is so much pressure to maintain and get Chippendales-ready. I have included extra cardio and workouts. However, I feel great now and ready to perform.

While you are in Las Vegas, what do you want to do for fun?
Perez Hilton
: I am a family man, and there is so much I want to do with my kids. Vegas is a very family-friendly town, and we are excited to explore the city while we are here. I have been compiling my to-do list for weeks.

What can the audience expect with you as the guest host?
Perez Hilton:
The Chippendales engage with their audience, and I am happy to be part of that experience. I want to make certain everyone has as much fun as possible. I will be keeping the energy up 110 percent.

You are not dancing with The Chippendales, but are you ready just in case you need to strut your stuff?
Perez Hilton:
The show is about spontaneity and (with it) being a Vegas crowd, anything can happen. It is different every night and who knows, I’m Cuban so I can do a couple of dance moves.

Catch Perez Hilton during his limited six-week engagement, July 26 through September 2, 2018, and get your discounted tickets to the show here on Best of Vegas.