Party like nobody is watching with the Big Bus Silent Disco Bar Crawl Dance Party. This unique and fun tour gives you you’re very own set of headphones pumping different genres of music while bar hopping by bus to some of Vegas hottest bars. You’ll dance, sing, drink and laugh as you party the night away.

Different Channels
Silent Disco’ers are given a set of headphones that offer can two different channels playing 80’s, 90’s and Hip-Hop, Top 40, EDM. As you switch channels your headphones change colors from green to blue indicating what you are listening to. 

The Bus Ride
Once you have your headphones on, you’ll board a double decker bus and meet your dedicated party guide. Your guide will communicate with you through the headphones and they give you some pretty fun things to do as you drive along. As you do silly things like shout at onlookers, you will learn fun facts about Vegas.

Sing and Dance to Your Drink
The bus takes guests to some pretty iconic Vegas bars. When you arrive, you’ll keep your headphones on and sing and dance to your drink. On the way to the bar your guide will make you do flash mob things like finding couples and making them kiss, getting random people to dance and more

It’s Social
Even though you are wearing headphones and dancing to your own music, Silent Disco allows you to be with your friends and sync up channels or take your headphones off and chat with a friend about how much fun you are having. Plus, there is nothing more entertaining than watching people freely dance without being able to hear what song they are dancing to.

It’s Silent
The great thing about the Silent Disco is that it’s silent! So you can dance your heart out and not worry about bothering anybody with how loud the music is. Each headphone lets you control the volume so crank it up.