Remember the days when you had to look to the screen to witness the power of robots – Humanoids like Small Wonder’s Vikki, AI assistants like Knight Rider’s KITT or alcoholic bending units like Futurama’s Bender Bending Rodriguez?

Well, the future depicted onscreen has arrived, with its epicenter in Las Vegas. We wouldn’t call it a robot revolution, per se, but more of a robot renaissance, as resorts on the Las Vegas Strip slowly incorporate robotic elements within the hospitality workforce.

From cocktails made or served by robots to AI concierges and assistants, here are four robots that will be at your service in Las Vegas. Your wish is their command.

Tipsy Robot
Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
The bionic bartending duo at Tipsy Robot is comprised of two looming robotic arms. They mix drinks with pre-programmed precision and scientific style.

To order a libation from the automated armtender, log into the bar’s app on your phone, or one of the many screens in the bar, pick your poison from a menu of navigable choices, and pay. When your order comes up, Left or Right Arm will craft your drink within 60 to 90 seconds.  

Tipsy Robot comes to the Miracle Mile Shops from KUKA Robotic Corporation of Germany. It’s an Instagram-worthy attraction with free Wi-Fi, and a bartender who doesn’t expect a tip.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Personal concierge and trend-setting tipster, Rose knows what’s up and where to get down. Sure, she’s artificially intelligent, but her other assets are the real deal. A human worker at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will slip you her digits upon check-in.

Answer Rose’s calling card via text when in need of dinner reservations, hotel services, art tours, show times and more. Perhaps she’ll recommend Spiegelworld’s Opiumwhose cast of zany characters includes pop-and-lock robot “Robotron” Robert Scott. Any Rose and Robotron shippers out there?

If Rose cannot compute your request, she’ll refer you the hotel’s human staff.

Fetch and Jett
Where: Vdara Hotel & Spa
In the most recent case of “The Jetsons” in real life, Vdara Hotel & Spa has employed a team of Relay robots to deliver snacks, sundries and spa products directly to your suite in the sky.

Forgot your toothbrush or need a stiff drink? No problem. Fetch and Jett have it covered. The aptly named robots contain tamper-proof compartments, which are loaded up by human workers. The one with your loot heads straight to your room –autonomously operating the hotel elevator – and calls you when it arrives. Once you open your suite door, the robot’s lid automatically unlocks so you can retrieve your requested items.

Designed and built by robot developer Savioke, Fetch and Jett are like the Roomba on steroids, seamlessly navigating around people and objects. Just don’t expect these benevolent bots to vacuum your carpet.

Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
If AI personalities attended virtual assistant school, Jules would be the coolest and best-dressed student in class. Developed by Miracle Mile Shops and Satisfi Labs, the sassy and savvy chatbot answers your mall-related inquiries with conversational ease.

Unsure where to find the perfect mojito or a designer purse while traversing more than 200 stores, restaurants and entertainment options in the 1.2-mile mall? Ask Jules. Looking for a convenient parking spot, show times or a new tattoo? She can help with that, too.

Jules is accessible through Facebook Messenger 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only thing this fashionista won’t do is carry your shopping bags.