There's something funny going on inside the Anthony Cools Showroom of Paris Hotel, and it's not just the long-running adult hypnosis show. Now in its third year at the same venue, Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man unleashes naughty, side-splitting humor at a nonstop pace.

Based on an Off-Broadway play that was itself inspired by a self-help book of the same name, Sex Tips presents a scenario in which Robyn, an uptight and lonely college professional, is suddenly required to host a book club with the unfortunate acronym of RAAME (pronounced "Ram Me").

Nervous but determined to succeed on her first assignment, Robyn follows a tried-and-true (albeit stuffy) method of read-and-discuss. Things immediately derail when Robyn discovers that Sex Tips is the title of her forum's first book. Then flamboyant guest author "Dan" rushes in like a gay force of nature, causing a panic attack for the painfully reserved host.

Things get even more complicated when Robyn's hunky sound technician "Stefan" is recruited by Dan as a body model to demonstrate various dating and mating techniques. Naturally there's plenty of sexual tension between Robyn and Stefan, which Dan takes full advantage of in a wide variety of amusing ways. 

When Sex Tips launched at Paris a few years back, it was a vehicle for popular guest celebrities. Since then, the show itself has become the star, allowing a number of gifted local performers the opportunity to shine. Director (and former "Dan") Douglas Katch Gray keeps things moving at an amiable clip with just the right balance of outrageous moments and sincerity. 

Dan is currently portrayed by Mark Gregory Melton, a dynamic Baltimore-born entertainer whose audience interaction is improv gold. The show’s newest additions include MaKenzie Fly (Robyn), who has graced numerous Vegas stages from Jubilee! to Tournament of Kings and Vegas! The Show. The towering blonde singer/dancer flawlessly conveys Robyn's awkward journey from buttoned-up introvert to sexy confidence. Also new to the production this summer, hunky real-life model and Vegas native Shyllon Melatti shines as Stefan. An experienced TV and film actor, Melatti makes his stage acting debut in Sex Tips.

Packed with double entendres, wink-wink innuendo and plenty of physical comedy, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man is a fast-paced evening for open-minded adults of all persuasions. Great for couples, birthday and bachelor(ette) parties, Sex Tips will send you into the night with a smile on your face – and a few new ideas to take home.

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man performs nightly (dark Wednesday). Times vary by day. For adult audiences only.