Quick: Name the one thing you could never imagine doing in Vegas! Even if meditation wasn’t your first thought, we imagine it’s definitely up there on the list of activities you would not expect to find in this dazzling city. But we believe you can find zen anywhere, and should find zen in little moments throughout your workday, your weekend getaway or your week-long checking-out-of-real-life vacation. We also subscribe to the idea that meditation helps your mind and body stay present in the moments outside of the time you’re meditating. Meaning, if you take the 10-20 minutes to breathe and calm your mind each day, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of your day that much more – plus, the tough parts of your day will be easier to navigate. We think the dessert, even if you’re staying within the lights of the Strip, is the perfect oasis for mediation, and we’ve found a few spots that agree. These hot spots offer meditation classes, an atmosphere for calm, and a quiet moment to breathe, pause and reset between exploring the area and taking in a show, or before experiencing Sin City’s signature nightlife.


4500 E Sunset Rd. Ste. 4, Henderson NV 89014
The short drive over to this zen oasis will be well worth the trip. We even recommend taking the car ride to ready your body and dive into your breath. Breathe in, Breathe out! Elevated offers a range of meditation classes, reiki sessions and Infrared sauna options to ground you in the present moment. We love their ascension meditation offered at 11:11 (make a wish!). We also recommend having a healing session for stress release or detoxing.


Lightsha Zen 
3281 N Decatur Blvd.
Lightsha Zen calls on all of the alternative modalities to restore your calm, such as aromatherapy, healing crystals, yoga, meditation, sound healing, reiki and more. Working with the subtle energies of the body, you’ll leave feeling open and invigorated.


Yoga Sanctuary 
7915 W Sahara Ave.
It’s said that the art of yoga is a form of movement meditation, and Yoga Sanctuary definitely echoes this belief. With a range of classes from vinyasa glow to power flow to our favorite, “Log Off Guided Meditation,” you will definitely be able to find your energetic flow at Yoga Sanctuary.