With all of the technology at our disposal, virtual reality has become an everyday norm. If you can dream it, you can (almost) live it. But long before we were able to strap on electronic gloves and headsets, there was Vegas Indoor Skydiving. And it's so much more than a simulation.

Nestled in an easy-to-find location between the Strip's famous Peppermill Restaurant and Las Vegas Convention Center, Vegas Indoor Skydiving has been a must-try destination for thrill seekers for 37 years. The only attraction of its kind in Las Vegas, V.I.S. allows you to defy gravity and experience the sensation of a free-fall without the need for a parachute, tandem partner or airplane. 

Previous flyers return again and again while great online testimonials lure newbies from around the world. General Manager Dave McMahan is excited that his facility and expertly trained staff are able to provide guests with such a "uniquely Vegas" adventure. 

“Customer service is our #1 focus, after safety, and it's always great to hear when we hit the mark,” he said. Guests musts be in good health, he adds, and as with regular skydiving, must sign a waiver before receiving instructions. 

Prior to suiting up, you'll watch a short video that teaches you various body positions and movements that will be used throughout. The turbine generates an air stream (up to 120 mph) at very high decibels. Earplugs are required, which necessitates communicating with your instructor via hand signals. You'll need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of every protocol before donning your goggles, specially designed flight suit and helmet and heading into the vertical wind tunnel.

Like any physical activity, there is a period of awkwardness when you begin. The "Learn To Fly" session helps you to adapt to the intense winds while you earn your wings, so to speak, and right now, you can save $10 on this package with Best of Vegas. The "Fly for 5" package is designed for advanced types and return visitors, giving you extra time to test out more daring maneuvers. Family packages (up to 5) and group parties (up to 20 participants) can be arranged for any special occasion.

No matter what session you choose, your instructor will always be at your side. He or she will assist you in maintaining balance and soaring up and down. They'll also demonstrate how to perform amazing spins and flips. You can even lock hands with the instructor and your companions to take flight together. 

The facility itself is a veritable museum. Dozens of photos decorate the lobby and a second-floor lounge. Curious friends and those who just came to watch can witness the action from inside a uniquely designed observation deck. Naturally, there's a souvenir shop with plenty of memorabilia and t-shirts. You can boast about your flight on social media by requesting digital photos and a video before leaving.

Once you've experienced the feeling of free-fall, chances are you'll want to do it again, so return visits are offered for a short time at reduced rates. Give in to your sense of adventure and head to Vegas Indoor Skydiving, where there's no limit to the height of your thrills.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving opens daily at 9:30 a.m. Closing times and holiday hours vary. Sessions take place every 30 minutes. Ample free parking is provided.