What was once a secret establishment for those wanting to drink illegally during the roaring ‘20s has become a wildly popular venue for legal drinking today. For those that are unfamiliar with the speakeasy culture, they are secret establishments meant to be hidden. In Vegas, these venues have become a hot spot for guests to feel like they are back in the Prohibition Era. Some might not be flashing the same décor, but the hidden aspect and secrecy of it sure feels like we are taking a step back in time. Here are 5 of the most popular and must-see speakeasies in Las Vegas.

Ghost Donkey
The name alone should entice you to visit this secret venue hidden inside the Cosmopolitan hotel. This Mexican inspired tequila and mezcal bar transforms you to Mexico with their specialty cocktails and menu items. Nestled in Block 16 is this hidden gem you will be pleasantly surprised to find. 

The Laundry Room
Hidden inside one of Downtown’s most popular bars, Commonwealth, you will find the Laundry Room. Before you go, make sure to text the correct number to make a reservation and get the secret code. This is one of the more traditional speakeasies that really transforms you into the Prohibition Era. Prepare to experience new flavors in this truly unique experience and don’t go ordering a traditional Gin & Tonic. Try one of their cocktails and immerse yourself in this new experience.

Greene St. Kitchen
What makes this restaurant feel like a speakeasy is the hidden door inside the arcade. Once inside, take in all of the graffiti and art from famous artists. If you’re a fan of Banksy, there is an original piece on the wall right as you step foot inside the restaurant. This is a great place to grab a cocktail, bite to eat, and hang out with friends and loved ones.

Mob Museum
The Underground at the Mob Museum has become quite a popular spot for many tourists. Once you’ve finished your tour through the Mob Museum (highly recommend) you’ll want to stop at the Underground for some homemade moonshine. There 20’s era décor transforms you to the Prohibition era really making it feel like a true speakeasy. Check out their distillery to further your tour for stories of bootleggers and the government agencies who tried to take them down. 

The Golden Tiki
For a Tiki themed bar and a fun hangout nestled off the strip is the Golden Tiki. As you walk in you will be transformed into an island oasis with eclectic décor, tropical drinks, and singing birds. This is a great place to hang out with friends for any occasion. Grab yourself a cocktail (or two!) and find all the hidden treasures you possibly can inside this cool bar.