While it is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, Las Vegas also offers some of the most interesting people-watching opportunities that include a cast of colorful characters. Only in Vegas will you find celebrities off-duty, fashion-forward tourists, show performers blowing off steam after hours and, of course, ladies with tired feet carrying their too-high heels in their hands as they roam Las Vegas Boulevard barefoot. Crooner Matt Goss once told us that his favorite place for people watching in Las Vegas was from a secret suite in a secret hotel, but since we can’t get you access to that, here are a slew of spots to people watch during your Vegas vacation.

The Casino Floor at Caesars Palace
Once you’ve cashed in your chips and are ready to quit while you’re ahead, find an area on the casino floor at Caesars Palace to observe the crowd and keep your eyes wide open. That man placing a bet at the roulette table that looks like the guy in the action movie you saw the other night is actually him. To your right is your favorite morning television show news anchor. And walking up behind you is retired boxer. For whatever reason, celebrities flock to Caesars. So take a moment from your gambling to spot them (although it’s probably best not to approach them).

Calico Hills at Red Rock Canyon
The diversity of tourists at Red Rock Canyon is impressive. What’s equally impressive is the sense of community they bring with them. Everyone wants a photo taken of themselves standing atop of the big round flat rock that sits on a trail at Calico Hills ‒ and language barriers are not enough to stop helpful folks from volunteering to oblige. If you like watching nature lovers show kindness to one another, this is the place to see it happen.

Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, Bellagio
Filled with Instagrammable moments, the breathtaking Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio not only offer some amazing photographic opportunities for you, but it will also warm the cockles of your heart as you observe solo travelers capturing cute selfies, and groups huddling together for their own hashtag-worthy pic.

High Roller, The LINQ
From 550 feet in the air, the High Roller at The LINQ will treat you to a sight of everything, including those things and people that you can’t un-see.

Pedestrian Bridge in Front of Gucci, Crystals at CityCenter
There is nothing pedestrian about the bridge that connects Crystals at City Center to Planet Hollywood. In fact, it should be renamed a fashion walkway, as stylish, fashion-loving shoppers stroll between the two properties. Need wardrobe inspiration? Head here and take notes of what to wear.

SMASHbar, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
How did SMASHbar at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino become a spot for people watching in Las Vegas? Two words: Magic Mike. If watching the male burlesque show wasn’t enough for you, visit this swanky lounge and chat it up with the performers in person after the last show of the night.