As if the heat of the summertime doesn’t already threaten to wreak havoc on your skin, paying a visit to Las Vegas can honestly make it worse. The arid desert climate of Sin City may be incredibly different than any other environment you have ever experienced before, making your skincare strategy during your Vegas vacation especially important. Your usual skincare products and standard practices that work for you in California, Oregon, or the UK will not work for you here. So pay extra attention, take notes, and get ready to think outside of the beauty box. If you want to make sure that your skin can weather the dry, harsh climate of this neon city, take a gander at the recommendations below. Now is the time to transform your summer skincare routine – Las Vegas style.

Stay hydrated. There is a common joke among the locals. You can easily tell the residents from the tourists in this town because smart Las Vegans know to always carry water with them. Unfortunately, Vegas visitors are often caught off guard without necessary hydration. The best tip we can give you is to drink more water than you normally do and keep it on you at all times. For those moments when you forget to sip on the H2O (or just fooled yourself into thinking beer counts), you should experiment with hydration infusion. At the IV therapy wellness provider, REVIV, the Hydromax IV therapy treatment restores hydration. Think of it as recovery for your body and replenishment for your thirsty skin. Book an appointment online at Choose from three locations: MGM Grand, The Palazzo, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Use sunscreen. This advice should go without saying, but yet here we are saying it. Perhaps it is the usual lack of clouds, but the sun just seems to be crueler in Las Vegas. While you may be able to get away with being less responsible about your sunscreen use back home, you absolutely should not go without it in Las Vegas. Make sunscreen a priority. The brand Supergoop! offers an array of SPF products, including sunscreen setting powder, lip balm, a refreshing mist and more. Products feature natural ingredients and are oxybenzone and paraben-free. Get them at Sephora at The Venetian.

Recover. If you neglected to stay hydrated and continually apply sunscreen, thus finding yourself in a pickle, don’t despair. You can still undo the damage. Head over to LOOK Style Society at Town Square Las Vegas (6539 S Las Vegas Blvd.) and take advantage of the beauty salon’s Repechage Hydra Dew Lift Moisture Treatment. This special skin service offers a regimen that contains hexapeptides, which leave skin with a luminescent and lifted appearance. Seaweed and essential fatty acids provide your epidermis with moisture and soothing extracts for an overall skin-brightening effect. Book an appointment online at