A new adventure is coming to the Strip this November. The zipline FLY LINQ, will soar visitors across the Vegas Strip beginning November 9. As if flying high above the city’s many attractions and entertainment wasn’t exciting enough, here are 5 reasons to take flight:

It’s the Strip’s first and only Zipline
This is the first time guests to the Strip can enjoy a high-flying zipline adventure. And since the Strip doesn’t do anything half way, you can be sure FLY LINQ will be as exciting as the area’s other entertainment when it opens in November.

Parallel Ziplines
FLY LINQ offers a whopping ten parallel ziplines that launch independently and simultaneously, which means you can race your friends from one end to the other. Even if you aren’t racing it’s still neat to see the other ziplines take off and end as you speed past.

You Really Will Fly
It’s not called FLY LINQ for nothing. On the adventure, guests will take off from a 114-foot-tall tower and zoom along a 1,121-foot-long path over the central Strip entertainment, shopping and dining district. They will quite literally soar from high above taking in spectacular views of the district below.

Fly Your Way
Perhaps the coolest thing about FLY LINQ is that you can ride it however you want to. Guests can choose to fly in either a seated or superhero position (on belly). Both ways offer different, yet exciting experiences.

You End Near High Roller
As if the flying wasn’t exciting enough, riders end near the base of the LINQ’s High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel. You can go from one thrilling adventure to the next in no time.