Face it: you’re over online dating, and apps that match you up with flaky dudes who have no plans to take the conversation offline. You want to meet gentlemen in person, have IRL interactions, and flirt. There’s no better place to achieve that than in Las Vegas. Rather than meander along the Strip or wander aimlessly through the casino floors for such opportunities, set your sights on these spots, which are ripe with guys who are probably in search of their own real-life interludes. Put down the smartphone, stop swiping and start prepping. These are the best places to meet men in Las Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
From the lobby to the casino floor, Eggslut to Rose. Rabbit. Lie, and all areas in-between, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is overflowing with hot guys. Really, you can’t swing a stick without hitting one, but be efficient by focusing on these specific spots.

  • Vesper Bar: Located on Level 1, this swanky lounge is conveniently adjacent to hotel registration, giving you a chance to scope hot guy arrivals.
  • Holsteins: Men love meat. Need we say more? For the best selection of hot guys, sit in the bar area.
  • Stitched: Is there anything sexier than an attractive man in a well-fitted, tailored suit? If you like hot guys who dress well, find them inside this gentlemen’s boutique.
  • Chandelier Bar: Not only are the guys at Chandelier Bar hot, but they’re great conversationalists, too.
  • The common area outside The Chelsea: It’s difficult to chat with a hot guy while you’re both immersed in the onstage action happening at a concert, not to mention the volume. Wait until the concert lets out and hang out in the common area just outside The Chelsea. It’s the perfect place for raving about what a great time you just experienced.

Style tip: Don your sexiest frock. The hot guys at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas dress to impress. So should you.


The male-to-female ratio at this favorite sports venue is approximately eight to one. Finding odds like that in Vegas is like hitting a jackpot, making Topgolf your best bet for meeting hot guys. While it operates daily, these are the best times to go.

  • Monday Night Football: Not only is the public invited to watch the games of the night, but a cornhole tournament takes place simultaneously. So if you like men who toss a good bag, go to Topgolf on Monday nights and join in the fun.
  • Early Saturdays: Again, more football – only this time, the focus is on college football. Make sure to pack your alumni gear ahead of time.
  • Special Events: Every month Topgolf features various acts and artists, which they list on their website. Check out comedian JC Currias September 28 and 29, and country band Love and Theft on October 13.

Style tip: Dress casual. If you’re a denim and white T-shirt kind of woman, stick with it.

Vegas Golden Knights Games
It should come as no surprise that hot guys hitting a puck on a frozen rink would attract more hot guys who want to watch. But it turns out that where you watch the game from has a direct effect on where you find hot guys. Try these recommendations.

  • Premium Seating: Of course, you’re there to watch an impressive athletic performance, but what you really want is access to the lounges specifically reserved for premium ticketholders. That’s where you’ll find hot guys who are open to mingling and conversation, even during the game.
  • Toshiba Plaza: If you’re looking to save a buck but still enjoy watching the game, then just hang outside of T-Mobile Arena with other fans like yourself and watch on the gigantic screen. The energy of the game lives on in the plaza – as do hot guys.
  • Beerhaus at The Park: Within walking distance of T-Mobile Arena, you can join a Vegas Golden Knights viewing party and gaze at hot guys while enjoying savory sausages.

Style tip: So long as you’re wearing black and gold, you’ll fit right in.