Enticing. Titillating. A little bit intimidating? Going to a Las Vegas strip club for the first time can be both exciting and confusing. Which one do you pick? What do you wear? How much money should you bring? What are the rules? The prospect of sliding into a booth beneath the neon-lit stage of a strip club in Las Vegas can be especially daunting if it’s your first strip club period – because like most things in Sin City, gentleman’s clubs take an already established form of entertainment and make it bigger, better and more of a show-stopping spectacle.

From how to get there to etiquette tips for while you’re inside, here’s what you need to know about visiting a Las Vegas strip club for the first time.

Take the Limo
Rule number one: take the limo. Most Las Vegas strip clubs offer complimentary limo service from your hotel to the venue, so long as you’ve got at least one other person with you. This is often included in strip club packages that can be purchased, but it can usually be arranged in advance regardless of whether or not you’re opting for a VIP experience. If you don’t reserve your limo ride in advance, you may have to wait for one if you call during peak hours. Yes, this ride is really free, but you are expected to tip your driver.

Bring Cash
You’re likely familiar with the phrase “make it rain.” When visiting strip clubs in Las Vegas, let’s just say you should be prepared to create extra stormy weather. Take out cash in advance – strip club ATMs are notorious for charging high fees – and tip generously and often. Entertainers not only rely on tips, but they have to pay stage fees to dance and tip out other employees at the club, so show them that you appreciate them by papering the stage with cash.

Don’t Take Photos
It’s never cool to take a photo of anyone without their permission. That holds true at strip clubs. Many entertainers prefer to keep their work lives separate from their private lives, and as such may not want their photos on social media or online review sites. Don’t take photos, and be aware that if you do try to, you may be kicked out by security.

No Touching
Just because an entertainer touches you doesn’t mean you’re allowed to reciprocate. Enjoy the show, but remember that there are still rules, and those include asking for permission and being respectful.

Know What Kind of Club You Want
There are a dizzying array of strip clubs in Las Vegas, ranging from sprawling, high-end places with hundreds of dancers to tiny locals spots with cheap drinks. Consider a number of factors before picking a place. Do you want lots of entertainers? Sapphire is the largest strip club in the world and can deliver that. Prefer an intimate, neighborhood feel? Chicas Bonitas and Play It Again Sam’s are good options. Do you want a fully nude strip club that still serves liquor? Palomino Club is the only place in town that offers both. Are you looking for a high end spot that serves food? Treasures is a luxury strip club with an adjoining steakhouse. Want a budget-friendly option? Talk of the Town and Deja Vu are great picks for this.

Dress to Impress
Wondering what to wear? Think of a strip club dress code as a slightly laid-back version of a nightclub dress code. When in doubt, err on the side of being overdressed. This means no shorts, no sweatpants, no sandals and no t-shirts with offensive logos.

Be Nice
This one is just common sense. Be polite to the bouncers, tip the dancers well, say thank-you—you know, all of the stuff your mom taught you growing up. Be friendly, appreciative and respectful, and you’ll have an amazing experience.