In a city like Las Vegas, it can seem like everything is a tourist trap. And while it is true that nearly everything is Sin City is made with the out-of-town guest in mind, there are lots of shows, toursattractions and restaurants that make Vegas what it is – one of the top destinations in the world. However, while it may be hard to narrow down what to do and see with so many choices available, it’s much easier to point out the specific places to avoid. Before you head out for your next trip to Las Vegas, take a look at these top tourist traps in Sin City!    

Slot Machines in the airport
So you’ve just landed, and just steps from your plane are… slot machines. That’s right – the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has just as many places to gamble as it does places to eat (or more!). But don’t waste your money on your way in or out of the city, because you will be doing just that – wasting your money. The slots in the casinos are a lot looser, because you have a longer chance of staying put for a while. Read a book, walk around and people watch – just don’t fall into the trap of playing the slot machines in the airport!

Once you step foot outside the airport, now you face another scenario – how to get to your hotel. Taxis in Las Vegas are so widely known for scamming visitors that they have an actual term for it – long hauling, which is basically when a driver takes you the long way around in order to hike up your cab fare. Ask them to avoid the highway and watch the maps app on your phone to be sure you don’t fall victim to this trap. And if you take a cab in the city, stay cognizant of where they are driving and be somewhat aware of the direction your driver should be going in order to avoid long hauling!

The Las Vegas sign
Sure, you want that classic Instagram shot, but so does everyone else on the Strip. If you don’t have a car and can drive yourself, we suggest skipping this tourist trap. Whether you take a cab or Uber, it will be a pricey drive… and trust us, there are plenty of other Insta-worthy moments in Sin City waiting for you.    

The words all you can eat seem to be synonymous with Las Vegas, where excess reigns supreme among everything. And while buffets are around every corner, it’s important to know that these are also among the priciest meals in Vegas, and most of the popular ones require reservations. Sure, the food is epic, but you could easily get two or three meals for the price of one of the most popular buffets in Vegas.  

Chain restaurants
Speaking of meals to avoid – there are so many restaurants in Sin City that simply choosing where to eat may even seem overwhelming. But this city is truly a foodie’s paradise, and there are many quaint local joints, combined with fine dining establishments, that it would be a shame to eat at a chain restaurant while in Las Vegas. Branch out and we promise that you will thank us!

Street vendors
If you walk one block of the Strip, you will easily be either solicited for money or offered to buy a product or discount ticket to a show. But the biggest thing you need to know about these folks is that they aren’t licensed to sell these things on the street, particularly those who are trying to sell you bottled water or snacks. There are discount ticket places everywhere, and convenience stores literally every few feet mean that you should only make your purchases at places you trust. No matter how hot you are, don’t buy that bottled water from the guy on the street corner!

They say knowledge is power, and with these few easy tips, you can make your next trip to Sin City a better experience by simply knowing what tourist traps to avoid!