You don’t have to be a 40-year-old virgin to know the value of collecting toys. With the right eye, at the right price, and stored with the proper protection, a toy can turn a major profit at a later time. It can also simply be a source of joy for those who keep and display toys just because they appreciate their artistic style or nostalgic sense. So whether you have Peter Pan syndrome or a wholesome enjoyment for curating collectibles, here is the best toy shopping in Las Vegas for big kids. Leave the little ones to their baby sharks and save some room in your luggage. You’ll need plenty of space to take your newly acquired treasures home with you.

Kappa Toys at Fashion Show Mall
Created by a local for locals, Kappa Toys has opened a new location on the Las Vegas Strip at Fashion Show Mall for Vegas visitors. With 3,000 square-feet of never-before-seen international and national collectibles combined with carefully curated selections of nostalgic classics, shoppers will delight as they select from beloved brands like tokidoki, Rilakkuma, and even Little Golden Books.

Rogue Toys
Known as the home of Pawn Stars toy expert Steve Johnston, Rogue Toys allows you to relive your childhood. Remember when your mom sold your precious Star Wars action figures at her yard sale? You will likely be able to reclaim them here. Whether you wax nostalgic for GI Joe or Transformers, you’re bound to find a prized item that will satisfy your inner 12-year-old geek. Choose from two locations, but the one where you will find Steve and his expertise is at 2115 South Rainbow Blvd. Don’t hesitate to ask for an autograph.

Toy Shack on Fremont Street
Only serious toy collectors need apply at the Toy Shack. Stepping inside the boutique is like entering the doors of a time machine where you can travel back to the ‘90s, ‘80s, ‘70s and beyond. Prices may be intimidating, but that is only because the best, most collectible items are featured. If you’ve been on the hunt for a super rare Matchbox Car or that Cabbage Patch doll that your brother ruined when you were seven, take a gander inside Toy Shack. There is hope that you just may find it there.

Big Bang Toys
Okay, nerds, get ready to nerd out. Anything and everything from your preferred universe (aka Marvel or DC) can be spotted at Big Bang Toys. Horror fan? Yes, you’ll find those related toys here, too. Heck, the store is even hosting a convention in January at the Plaza Hotel & Casino. Who knew that there could be so many big kids collecting toys? Apparently, Big Bang Toys does, and they have enough stock in their shop to prove it. Find them at 4601 West Sahara Ave.

The Toy Box in Downtown Summerlin
Often when we think about collectible toys, we think vintage. But believe it or not, there are contemporary toys and brands that cater to collectors, too. Discover them at The Toy Box in Downtown Summerlin. Featured items include Funko Pop! Wobblers, a myriad of treasured board games, and, of course, Hello Kitty.