Victory Hill Exhibitions has given Las Vegas another interactive experience for the entire family. The MGM Grand welcomed The Hunger Games: The Exhibition in May, replacing CSI Interactive Experience. The hands-on interactive exhibit allows visitors of all ages to experience behind-the-scenes content and learn more about the technology used to bring the best-selling books to the big screen.

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition celebrates and explores the epic journey of Katniss Everdeen, from her humble beginnings in District 12 to her emergence as the Mockingjay. Guests will journey through The Hall of Justice, President Snow’s Office, the Tribute Train and District 13 while on a on a mission to become a part of the rebellion to conquer the capitol.

The exhibit features 30 costumes from the films, including Katniss’ wedding dress from Catching Fire. The breathtaking wedding gown is covered in Swarovski crystals with a metal cage, and features an organza and chiffon skirt covered in Mockingjay-esque feathers. Other memorable costume displays include the Girl on Fire dress, the Mockingjay gown, Katniss' Mockingjay armor and pin, Peacekeeper armor and rebellion tactical gear, as well as Katniss' bow and arrows.

The experience culminates at Beetee’s Training Lab, an archery experience allowing fans to train like Katniss. This multiplayer archery game, where up to 40 people can play at a time, is set in a record-breaking 60-foot wide interactive digital training lab.  

Located at The District at MGM Grand, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is open daily. Save $12 on tickets to The Hunger Games: The Exhibition right here on