Things are getting destructive in Las Vegas. The new entertainment venue Wreck Room invites frustrated Vegas visitors and locals to take out their anger and aggression in a new destructive way. Like a scene right out of the movie Office Space, guests can take a bat to a printer, hockey stick to a liquor bottle and so much more without any consequences on the other end.

After signing a waiver and going over some rules (yes, even here, there are rules) your group puts on head-to-toe protective gear including coveralls, face shield, gloves and vests; then picks your smashing tools, which include crowbars, bowling pins, hockey sticks and even frying pans; and finally enters an aluminum-covered room full of breakables.

It might take your group a minute to get into the groove of things, but once you break your first item, you won’t stop smashing for the entire 30-minutes. Perhaps the best part about Wreck Room is that once you are done smashing you can just leave the room. No clean up required!

If you want to see yourself destroying the place you can purchase a video of you going wild on your items.

For a chance to release some pent up frustration, look for discounted tickets to Wreck Room here on Best of Vegas.