Caesars Palace is for veggie lovers. The Vegas resort serves up a variety of plant-based/vegan-friendly dishes at its many Vegas restaurants. Here are 5 vegan restaurants to try on your next visit:

Haute Doggery
Despite its name, Haute Doggery is a great place to get a vegan meal. While the buns are not vegan, guests can still enjoy the veggie dogs, as well as the California dog evan-style, without the 1000 Island dressing. The dog comes with avocado, tomato, cucumber, and sprouts.

You’re not limited to just avocado or veggie rolls at Nobu Restaurant. The sushi restaurant offers plenty for vegans including the following dishes: Inari (tofu skin), Cup Sushi (avocado and tonburi), Box Sushi (Napa cabbage), rainbow radish sushi, parsnip sushi, Takuan sushi, asparagus sushi, Kaiware sushi, enoki sushi, shiitake sushi, daikon sushi, myoga sushi, and Monaka Sushi.

Mesa Grill
Mesa Grill is one of the most flavorful upscale vegan restaurants on the Strip. Start your meal with the soft masa chips then move onto the cornmeal-crusted vegan-friendly chile relleno stuffed with black bean paste, white rice, roasted garlic, poblanos, roasted bell peppers and roasted yellow bell peppers. The topping includes a tomatillo salsa made of red onions, tomatillos, cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper. There is also the grilled asparagus drizzled with dijon lime sauce.

Italian lovers can get their fill of pasta while not compromising their dietary needs at Rao’s. Guests can enjoy any of the egg-free pasta noodles with the restaurant’s signature marinara sauce. Just ask for no cheese. The marinara is made with San Mazano tomato sauce and fresh basil. Pick your choice of rigatoni, spaghetti, linguini, fusilli, penne or angel hair, or even opt for zucchini noodles. Other vegan items to try at Rao’s include - Canellini bean hummus, roasted red peppers, roasted beet salad, Pizzaiola, Eggplant parmesan and sautéed vegetables.

For a sweet treat without any animal products, Sprinkles is the place to go. Sink your teeth into the vegan-friendly red velvet cupcake. You can pair it with a Martinelli’s apple juice or one of the plant-based sorbet flavors form the ice cream station.