Located on an unremarkable stretch of South Rainbow Boulevard, Rosallie Le French Café represents a work of passion from Jonathan Pluvinet, the native of Nice whose family owned a similarly named restaurant back home from 1983 until fairly recently. Pluvinet moved to America for college in 2007, and stayed afterward to work and start a family. Longtime inhabitants of Las Vegas may remember that, up until 2015, the space at 6090 South Rainbow Boulevard now inhabited by his restaurant was a 7-Eleven. What they may not realize is that the transformation was largely completed by Pluvinet’s own two hands.

Spacious in size and homey in décor, each visit to Rosallie reveals new artistic flourishes, including furniture built by its owner. Guests entering Rosallie will find an elegant space bathed in natural light from large windows. Open daily from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., everything from quiche and croissants to wine and cheese is available throughout the day. Diners order from a counter lined in Viennoiserie. Table service soon follows, with most orders ready in ten minutes or less.

Rosallie is, assuredly, a Café in the French sense, but it also builds an atmosphere conducive to conversation, work or relaxation through divided spaces, including both a library and a private room. Most patrons will want to begin with house-blended coffee beans in the form of cappuccino, French press or lattes, though tea is also available. From there, the choices largely come down to whether one desires something sweet or savory. Regardless of your choice, the results are likely to impress.

Starting with pastry – because to not do so after perusing a case and counter with over two dozen options requires the sort of will power few possess – those looking for Las Vegas’ best croissant need look no further than the arching layers of lamination created by Jonathan and his General Manager Christophe, the latter a former employee of Jean-Philippe on the Strip. The café also offers croissants filled with chocolate, Nutella and even raspberry. And fans of a classic should most certainly not pass on the almond version that, thanks to the use of hand-ground nuts instead of frangipane, is truly world-class.

Not to be overlooked for palmiers, madeleines or tartes – both pear and walnut, in particular, are divine – those seeking something less sweet are also in luck, as Rosallie offers no less than four styles of quiche daily. The most popular is their Lorraine, but they also serve a goat cheese variety, as well as specials made with smoked salmon. A highlight of recent visits has been the eggy custard mixed with Tartiflette cheese, bacon and red skin potatoes.

Rosallie accommodates diners with free Wi-Fi, as well as a light soundtrack overhead that is never disruptive, and often features crooners such as Sinatra. Additional menu options include salads and sandwiches made-to-order. As conducive to vegetarians as it is to omnivores, look for duck confit as something unique and place it on housemade rolls or buttery brioche. The brioche is also available all day long as custard-soaked French toast that can be topped with a wide variety of sauces, fruits or pure maple syrup.

Not content with being Sin City’s best French bakery, with a planned expansion to Winter Garden Florida taking Jonathan and his brand southeast, Rosallie’s menu also shows no signs of resting on its laurels. Whether it’s the seasonal Bûche de Noël, Galette des Rois or green onion brioche that eats like portable French onion soup, flavors and execution are always impeccable at Rosallie. (Also impeccable are the tartines, which Americans may consider akin to flatbread pizza, complete with toppings including chicken and mozzarella or bacon and poached egg.)

Made all the more attractive by prices less than half what one might pay inside a casino, it should go without saying that Rosallie is a bargain, and that applies equally to dining off-site. Offering both the restaurant menu and custom orders to cater, those within five miles can easily have macarons delivered to their door via Grubhub, or call the restaurant directly for something special. Whether you’re local or just visiting Las Vegas, stop in to see what Jonathan and Christophe have to offer in terms of atmosphere, cuisine and customer service.