Las Vegas has made a name for itself as a city that has embraced the mantra of “out with the old, in with the new.” Nurturing nostalgia for the classic and historical is for other cities. In Vegas, if a hotel begins to show its age, it’s imploded, and a bigger and better one is built in its place. But sometimes the choice is made to update instead of upend, and a resort will undergo a complete renovation instead. This is what has been happening with several of the Strip’s most iconic casinos, which means that if you haven’t been to Las Vegas in a couple of years, you’re in for a treat. Below are four aging Vegas hotels that have updated their look in 2018.

Park MGM (formerly the Monte Carlo)
The Park MGM (formerly the Monte Carlo) turned 22 recently. This is considered “old” by Vegas standards, so it came as no surprise when it was announced that the resort and casino would be undergoing a makeover to complement its hip, outdoor promenade. In addition to the new name, the Monaco-inspired megaresort, with its marble floors and baroque fountains, underwent a complete overhaul of its interior look and theme. Gone is the French Riviera palace theme, and in its place is a motif that has been described as earthy and whimsical. The most talked-about addition is the giant tree art sculpture that hangs rooted from the ceiling lobby. The resort also has several new dining spots, included the vintage Primrose – which features a drawing room that looks like it was plucked from a 1950s European country home, as well as a tree-filled garden terrace. Additionally, the top four floors of the resort have been transformed into the chic NoMad Hotel (a hotel-within-a-hotel).

Palms Las Vegas
In the most startling of recent hotel renovations, the Palms Las Vegas has undergone a massive interior remodeling. Though they’ve built new one and two-story villas (which each have their own infinity pool, gym and 24-hour butler service) and several new restaurants and clubs (like the steakhouse Scot 80 Prime and the Apex Social Club, for instance), the changes that have been getting the most buzz are the new art and signs. New artistic touches to the resort’s lobby include a neon “Wish You Were Here” sign above behind the front desk, a colorful balloon Palms sign outside the resort’s main entrance and a giant shark (yes, a shark). The casino’s new lobby bar is now home to a 13-foot-long tiger shark, entombed in glass and hanging in three sections above the bar. It is thought that the Instagram-friendly art and the modern tech touches (there are now phone-charging outlets on the seats at the table games) are efforts to attract a young, hip crowd.

The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas (Formally the Mandarin Oriental)
Though the Mandarin Oriental is only eight years old, it was recently sold and is now The Waldorf Astoria. Frequent visitors to the resort can rest assured, however, that the hotel won’t be changing too much – at least not right away. Though the lobby furniture has been replaced and a couple of the restaurants and bars have changed names (the Mozen Bistro is now the Zen Kitchen, for instance), the majority of the food and beverage menus have remained the same. The resort’s popular tea lounge and cocktail bar (with its famed floor-to-ceiling glass windows) is staying. What will be remodeled are the 389 guestrooms and 225 residences, but details regarding that project have yet to be finalized.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Unlike the other hotels on this list, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas only remodeled a section of the resort’s guest rooms. After consulting with guests, employees and several designers, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas opted to make some big changes to its rooms’ interior design. In 2018, 2,895 of the resort’s 3,027 rooms have been made over to include modern artwork, statement wall coverings, textured carpeting and new lighting. The renovations also included the addition of a tech component. Now rooms include in-room iPads, which allow guests to make spa and restaurant reservations, purchase show tickets, and more. The rooms’ TVs have also been updated with Hulu, YouTube and Netflix. Theses changes suggest that The Cosmo remains devoted to being a modern, luxurious and trendy choice for the tech-loving traveler.