We can’t really imagine Vegas without imagining the Rat Pack in the high times of the Strip with all the glitz, glory and glamour that must have been buzzing with our favorite group of fellas. Despite how times have changed, we always like to keep the treasured times alive with some of our favorite spots that echo the essence of Frank, Dean and Sammy. We don’t feel like it’d be a trip to Vegas without toasting each of them for paving the way for crooners everywhere to serenade us on love, life and luck, of course. After all, their energy built our beloved city into what it is today, and surely they live on through the restaurants, casinos, pools and sidewalks of Sin City. We are thrilled that The Rat Pack is Back in Vegas – thanks to this energized tribute show – and today we’re sharing our favorite places to set the mood for a night with the guys. Turn on your favorite crooner song, and sit back and dream your way through the perfect Rat Pack-inspired itinerary. 

Dinner at Sinatra
3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
We’re pretty sure this is the mecca of all of Sinatra’s energy, so do not pass up the opportunity to dine here and toast our beloved Frank. Everything on the menu is divine and, of course, you cannot pass up a theme-inspired dessert, The Capello.  

Drinks at Downtown Cocktail Room
111 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
We definitely feel the essence of the Rat Pack all around this cocktail bar. The vibe is classic, with a contemporary twist. The drinks are sensational and inventive, and even better than most of the cocktails we’ve had in New York. We love the Clover Club or the Lavender Lover. Cheers to our Rat Pack! 

The Laundry Room
525 Fremont St.
Don’t miss out on this amazing speakeasy for post-show drinks. The ambiance is as smooth as Frank’s vocals, and their cocktails cannot be beat for a nightcap.