There are a few different factors that come into play when selecting a workout studio. Some are looking for variety and availability, while others are trying to find great teachers and a social atmosphere. Stumbling upon a great fitness studio in Las Vegas is easier than you think with the amount of studios opening up around the valley. Whatever your preferred method of workout may be, there is a studio for you. 

Take a look at these five fitness studios in Las Vegas.

Da Vinci Body Fitness
This studio’s 30-minute resistance band training style incorporates callisthenic movements with upbeat music. Da Vinci Body fitness uses the BodyBoard system to combine strength training, cardio and stretching. If you’re looking to slim down, increase muscle tone and strength, this is the workout for you. Located on Rainbow Blvd., this studio is easy to find, and very inviting. The owner, Christy, is very friendly, and helps break down the entire workout for first-time guests. The fast-paced, upbeat style of this workout will remove any distractions that may pop up and deter you from your goals. If you live in Vegas, your first class is free. The only downside to this studio is that you will become addicted and want to return each day.   

This studio originally got its start right here in Las Vegas, but has since expanded to a few other states. If you’re lucky enough to have a TruFusion near you, take advantage of these fun classes and sign up for the $30 for 30 days promotion they offer first-time guests. Luckily, TruFusion has three different locations around the valley, including studios on Eastern, Blue Diamond and Summerlin. J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez are obsessed with this “blend of hot yoga and bootcamp” style workout. Classes include Yoga, Pilates, Pure Barre, TRX, Bootcamp and Cycling.

The Ride
If upbeat music, lots of sweat and great company interest you, check out The Ride, conveniently located at I-215 and Flamingo in Southwest Las Vegas. This indoor cycling studio provides a premium fitness experience with the best service and high-quality amenities. Their entire studio is extremely clean, and you will find people hanging out in their bathrooms using clean products such as Kopari.

Inferno Hot Pilates
Inferno’s founder, Gabriella Walters, created this studio after she realized her purpose is to help others through her love of fitness. Opened in 2012, Inferno Pilates became the first dedicated hot Pilates studio in Las Vegas. Gabi has now taught more than 2,000 Hot Pilates classes at her studio, and is considered one of the premier experts, as both instructor and business consultant. Gabi’s classes are addicting, the studio is easily accessible, and if you’re looking for great promotions, Inferno Pilates is always offering something new, making it easy for first-time guests to feel comfortable joining.

Core Studios
This luxury boutique Pilates studio is loved by many around the valley. All classes are 55 minutes of a full-body workout done with the assistance and resistance of weighted springs. If you’re interested in trying a reformer Pilates studio, this is it. Check out one of their two locations in Summerlin and Henderson. Be sure to bring a pair of socks, preferably non-slip for optimal comfort while on the reformer.